Spider-Man (PS4): Watch Every Boss Battle & Villain Encounter Right Here [VIDEO]

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The Sinister Six are let loose in Manhattan, and you’ll have to take them all down in Spider-Man — the latest and greatest Spidey game that’s exclusively on PS4. It isn’t just a cavalcade of classic foes you’ll face either. Some of Spider-Man’s newest enemies make an appearance. Mr. Negative, a relatively new creation, quickly becomes Peter Parker’s greatest enemy early in the story, and even more bad guys pop out of the woodwork from there.

The amount of comic-accurate enemies is insane, so we wanted to share the climactic battles with you. Whether you’re looking for a little battle help, or just want to watch us crush every single big bad guy in the game, here’s a quick video showcasing every single boss. There are plenty of them, and some are totally optional. You’ll want to complete every side-quest and activity to unlock certain bosses.

Beware, because there are going to be SPOILERS ahead in the video. I won’t reveal anything here, but let’s just say there are some surprise reveals as the story goes on. This isn’t your standard, conventional hero narrative — Spider-Man (PS4) takes plenty of inspiration from the movies, but it feels like a world of it’s own creation. Characters like Screwball and Black Cat appear, but you won’t throw down with them. The bosses are (mostly) saved for the story — with the exception of two.

There are two optional bosses — Tombstone and Taskmaster. To fight Tombstone, you’ll need to complete side-quests related to his gang. They’ll appear periodically after Tombstone is introduced. To take on the terrible Taskmaster, you need to complete all of Taskmaster’s Challenges — these are optional activities you’ll find all around the city. You don’t need to get Gold, you just need to complete them. Get them all, and you’ll be able to fight the Taskmaster. 

All the other bosses are story-related, so you won’t miss them. Watch the video above and look in the description for timecodes if you want to skip to a specific boss battle.

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