Insomniac Games Currently Working On New Game Plus Mode For Spider-Man

Spider-Man has finally released into the market and its quickly being picked up by gamers. Likewise, it’s receiving a positive reception from both critics and fans alike. While the base game has been released, there is other content slowly being rolled out for the game to keep players gaming on their latest release, one of which is a New Game Plus mode.

New Game Plus modes are nothing new and it’s quite popular on the latest video game releases. Essentially, this game mode would allow players to restart the game while retaining all of their perks and unlocks. This doesn’t make the game easier but instead offers an even more challenging experience with tougher enemies.

Unveiled through a tweet, Insomniac Games revealed that they are working on a New Game Plus mode for Spider-Man. This will release in an upcoming update, but unfortunately, there is no indication as to just when the update will be readily available. Regardless, there is other content to enjoy before the end of this year when it comes to the latest Insomniac Games title.

For instance, there is the upcoming DLC known as The City That Never Sleeps. This DLC will come in three parts starting in October. Each part will be focused on a character from the Spider-Man universe with the first part already confirmed to feature Black Cat.

As it stands right now, gamers can purchase their copy of Spider-Man exclusively on the PlayStation 4 with the first part of The City That Never Sleeps releasing on October 23, 2018.


[Source: Gamespot]