Spider-Man (PS4): All Secret Photo Op Locations Guide | How To Unlock The ESU Suit

Whenever you enter a new district in Spider-Man (PS4), you’ll want to hack the Oscorp security towers to mark all the nearby activities on your map. There’s plenty of stuff you can do as Spider-Man, but not everything you can do is clearly defined. There’s one activity that’s totally hidden — secret photo ops.

Secret Photo Ops are essentially just like the Landmark activity, only these photo opportunities are much harder to find. They aren’t marked on your map, and there are 50 total all across the island of Manhattan. In the video below, we’ll show you how to find every single snapshot opportunity, starting from the northernmost point of the map and slowly making our way down.

If you manage to find all 50 Photo Ops, you’ll unlock the ESU Suit — it’s the most casual Spider-Man has ever been. It doesn’t give you bonus abilities, but it’s a fun costume to acquire. Peter Parker is a photojournalist, after all, so you’ll want to give his camera a thorough workout with these secret snapshot spots.

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All Secret Photo Ops Locations Guide | How To Unlock The ESU Suit

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To location Secret Photo Ops, open your camera by pressing [Up] on the D-Pad and focusing — if scan each location listed in the video for Photo Ops. You’ll earn XP for each secret photo op you take.

Many of the Secret Photo Ops are well-hidden Easter eggs — you’ll find Daredevil’s Law Office, for instance, or the abandoned Harlem Sanitarium. You’ll also want to take pictures of areas you frequent that aren’t listed as landmarks like Detective Yuri’s police precinct. You can even take a picture of the Statue of Liberty for a Secret Photo Op.

Take all 50 and you’ll instantly unlock the hidden, bonus ESU Suit. This costume puts Spidey in casual clothes, with just a mask to cover his face.