Game & Watch: Infinite Lives, Playable Luigi & More | All Secrets Guide

Nintendo brought back the Game & Watch, a mini handheld device that’s packed in with Super Mario Bros and more. While I’ve never played a real Game & Watch, any Nintendo fan will recognize these weird curios from the recent Smash Bros — there are stages and even a character made to resemble these very old game devices.

The new Game & Watch is available and hard-to-find in stores, and it’s also packed with little secrets. There are codes to give you infinite lives, play as Luigi, or unlock Hard Mode instantly. There are other secrets you’ll want to look out for as outlined by Nintendo’s twitter account. Here’s everything we’ve found so far.

The Limited-Edition handheld console includes three games from Nintendo’s library — Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, and Ball. Ball is the only game from the original ’80s Game & Watch devices, recreated in a mini-digital screen. It goes for $50 retail, and makes a pretty nice little gift if you’re looking for something fun to grab for the holidays.

Hard Mode

Beat Super Mario Bros. to unlock Hard Mode instantly. In this version, new enemies will appear when you replay the game.

Infinite Lives

Hold [A] at the Title Screen of Super Mario Bros. or Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels to unlock infinite lives. You won’t get a Game Over — but you will still have to restart from the beginning of a level.

Play As Luigi

At the Title Screen of the Ball Game, hold [A] for 5+ seconds to play as Luigi instead of the standard little guy. This one is just for fun.

Secrets In The Clock

There are 35+ hidden events and secrets in the Clock feature on the Game & Watch. Here are a few shared by Nintendo.

  • 7:00 AM/PM: Monty Mole appears!
  • 1:11 AM/PM: 3 Bloopers arrive and swim from the bottom to the top.
  • 5:55 AM/PM: The numbers on the clock transform into coins.

There are many, many more little secrets than that. Maybe you can see them all if you sit in front of the clock for 24 hours straight.