Watch Dogs: Legion – The Best Operatives You Can Recruit Right At The Start Of The Game

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Watch Dogs: Legion lets you play as anyone. People all over London can join your cause, and everyone has unique skills to bring to the table. The trick is finding the perfect operatives to pull off each mission, and certain operatives have much cooler abilities than anyone else.

Certain character types are just a step above the rest. Spies have silenced weapons, super-cars with hidden missiles, and smart-watches that can disable bad guy weapons. Hitmen have access to gunkata and heavy weapons. Then there’s completely wild operatives like the Stage Magician with his ability to hypnotize enemies and force them to switch sides. Yes, this is a real character.

Below we’ll talk about some of the best characters you can grab pretty early in your adventure. We won’t list all of them — some like the drone-operating Construction Worker is required to progress in the story, but these following weird characters can be missed for a long time.

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The Stage Magician

  • Location: Lambeth, go to the fountain square a few blocks east from the Ferris Wheel. Check in the afternoon.

This ridiculously powerful operative has a special skill that allows you to switch allegiance of any enemy character.

The Hitman

  • Location: Westminster, Brewer Street – Fast-travel and look down the nearby alley where you spawn. Check after 12PM.

These hardcore killers come with deadly weapons and have the gun-kata ability, allowing them to instantly takedown opponents with guns.

The Living Statue

  • Location: Outside your HQ Pub, or in the MI-6 area.

This ridiculous character appears as a stone / gold statue. His special ability allows him to hide from pursuit instantly by posing like a statue.

The Spy

  • Location: Near the London Tower outpost. Check after 12 PM. You can also complete the City of Westminster liberation.

Spies are another elite operative that always come with a special souped-up spy car. Yes, they have missiles hidden in their headlights. Spies also carry silenced pistols and the Spy Watch ability that allow them to disable enemy weapons.

The Beekeeper

  • Location: Complete the City of London liberation.

The Beekeeper is a rare operative you’ll sometimes find on rooftops — these guys have the Bee Swarm ability that distracts and neutralizes enemies.

The Royal Guard

  • Location: In the City of Westminster, outside Buckingham Palace!

The Royal Guards are iconic characters, and you can get one to join your rebellion. They look awesome, but they don’t really have any unique abilities — except that they can freely enter Buckingham Palace. Drop in to visit the Queen!

  • NOTE: To unlock characters like this, you’ll need to the Deep Profiler tech upgrade.

The Protest Leader

  • Location: Camden, or all over the place — look for gatherings and areas that are marked with protest signs.

The Protest Leader has a special ability that allows them to recruit followers and send them to disable enemies.

The Police Officer

  • Location: New Scotland Yard, or anywhere else patrolling the streets.

Cops have the hilarious ability to arrest anyone in-game and then “rescue” them. You can easily get people on your good side! Also, you’ll be able to access lots of government buildings.

  • NOTE: Like with Albion employees or The Royal Guard, you’ll need the Deep Profiling tech upgrade to recruit them.