Watch Dogs: Legion Latest Trailer Highlights Co-op Gameplay

While most everyone is focusing in on November for the launch of Cyberpunk 2077, we can’t forget some of these other iconic video game franchises. For instance, this month we have the launch of Watch Dogs: Legion which is bound to bring in quite a few players. While we’ve seen a few videos released to further hype up the game launch, the latest make sure players know that the game offers cooperative gameplay.

The trailer just offers a brief highlight on the matter with some live-action footage. Overall, the focus on cooperative gameplay is that players will be able to play with up to three people and go through missions together. We’re unsure if this is available for every mission or just select missions, but it does look like players can bring in their own characters into the game which will prove to be useful to complete some of the more difficult tasks. 

Take for example infiltrating an armed base for a rescue mission. There are a few ways you can go about this such as taking a hacker to view the entire area from security cameras to plot out a stealthy course. Otherwise, you can go in guns blazing. This is all up to the players, but having more freedom in how you complete missions are something that Ubisoft has been highlighting for this game.

If you haven’t been following the updates for Watch Dogs: Legion, this game takes place in London where Dedsec is attempting to take back control over a regime. One of the big components this time around for the franchise is that the title will allow players to recruit just about every NPC you’ll come across within the game. It’s all about finding the right NPC for the job so seeking out particular skills and recruiting them for use, later on, is rather crucial in completing this game.

However, when a character dies in-game they are removed forever so you’ll constantly swap between different recruits. Currently, Watch Dogs: Legion will be available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia platforms on October 29, 2020. Players will also have the ability to pick up a copy for next-gen consoles on their launch dates next month. 

Source: YouTube