First Image Of Tom Holland As Nathan Drake Surfaces Online

Naughty Dog is a well-known video game development studio that has pumped out some big hitters for Sony. One of the more popular franchises as of late has been Uncharted, a series that seemingly found its final conclusion with the protagonist, Nathan Drake, in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. However, it looks like there is plenty more of content to be had for Nathan Drake and one of those is coming in the form of a movie adaptation that takes place before the events of the video game series.

We’ve seen this film adaptation constantly get picked up and dropped. It’s clear that making a movie can be quite difficult with scheduling but after a few attempts, one production finally took off. It’s seeing actor Tom Holland take on the role of a younger Nathan Drake with his mentor and friend, Victor Sullivan, being portrayed by Mark Wahlberg. Today we’re getting our first look at the film set and even Nathan Drake.

Earlier today we received some images from Nolan North’s Twitter account showcasing some set images. In the mix are two props one of a mysterious artifact and another of a book covering an explorer. The third from the Naughty Dog Twitter account is Tom Holland speaking with Nolan North who voiced Nathan Drake in the Uncharted video games. It’s looking like production is moving smoothly so far despite the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak.

However, another image that may have some fans eager to see is Tom Holland with all of the Nathan Drake getup. The image was posted on Tom Holland’s Instagram account which shows off the actor portraying what you would expect a young Nathan Drake to look like among some old wreckage. What do you think of the images so far with the film?

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It’s nice to meet you, I’m Nate. #uncharted

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Source: IGN