Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – 12 Features & Tricks You Need To Know For Season 2

Season 2 brings Medieval flair to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, and if you’re diving into the game fresh, there’s a load of tips you’ll want to catch up with the obstacle course masters currently bumbling their way to the Crown Royale reward.

To prepare yourself for the newly-released season of content, we’ve put together 12 tips from the community and beyond. These are super-quick (but super-helpful) tricks you can use to conquer some of the tougher challenges, or just give you wants to interact you might not know about. The game doesn’t exactly explain all of its mechanics.

So if you want to grab ledges while leaping or throw eggs further, you’ve sprinted to the right obstacle coarse.

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#1: You Can Hang Off Ledges — But Only For A Limited Time In Season 2

Sometimes you can grab everything in a level. Sometimes you just can’t — but in levels like the Wall Guys course, it’s a perfect way to scale all those walls. Just jump and press grab to hold out your hands. Whatever your hands touch, you’ll grab onto.

In Season 2, sweat-drops will appear over your bean’s head and eventually you’ll fall.

#2: You can activate the Tip-Toe tiles with your hands.

#3: Throw Eggs Further By Grabbing An Egg, Jumping And Diving

You can throw stuff further than a normal throw by holding an egg, jumping, and diving. It’s like a dive-jump, but you’ll perform a dive-throw instead if you’re carrying something. That’s a little feature a surprising many players don’t know.

#4: Hide Your Tail In Tail Tag By Pressing Yourself Up Against A Wall

#5: Use Dive To Jump Around Walls In Roll Out

Staying away from the pack is the safest option for gaining speed, and running to the edges in Roll Out will (usually) help you reach the end faster. But you’ll have to learn a tricky maneuver where you leap outside the edge of the moving walls, then dive back around them. Try practicing on the center walls so you’re not risking a bottomless pit.

#6: Drop Down To The Bottom Layer Of Hex-A-Gone And Start Clearing Those Spots First

#7: When It Comes To Collecting Eggs, Split Your Team

Send some beans to throw eggs out of the other team hoppers and (hopefully) into your area. It’s a dirty trick that can be countered with a blocker / defender in the other base. Best done with 2 players — one can throw the eggs out while another catches them!

#8: You Can Ruin Everyone’s Day On Seesaw If You’re Ahead Of The Pack

#9: Here’s How Much Kudos & Fame You’ll Get For Different Activities

Kudos and Fame are how you gain levels, and you’ll earn more by reaching higher rounds. Earning Gold / Silver will get you even higher earnings. Here’s how much you’ll get.

  • Winning a Crown gets you 735 Kudos and 203 Fame
  • Winning a Race gets you 105 Kudos and 53 Fame
    • For winning Silver / Gold in a Race, you’ll get +70 Kudos and +35 Fame
    • For winning Gold in a Qualifying Round, you’ll get +35 Kudos and +18 Fame
    • For winning Silver / Bronze in a Team Round, you’ll get +35 Kudos and +18 Fame

Find more information here.

#10: Use The Spinning Traps In Whirlygig To Launch Yourself

This takes practice, but it is possible to guarantee a launch. Just stand on the far edge of the radius on the left side to get launched. If you’re on Whirlygig, you’ll always want to go for the center platform too — the vertical propellers don’t actually reach the ground, so it’s the safest path.

#11: Everyone Can Win Crowns In Jump Showdown

If the timer runs out and nobody wins, then everyone wins in Jump Showdown. This final round is made to knock everyone off — but you don’t have to mess with other players. You don’t have to try and grab them. Just let the timer run out and everyone will get a Crown.

#12: Memorize The First Letters In Perfect Match

I don’t have a great memory, so the best way to memorize all the matches is just to go by the first letters. Remember the first letter of each match — Grape, Apple, Orange, Watermelon, etc. That way it’s much easier to keep your mind focused. For whatever reason, 4 letters are easier to remember than 4 words.

And so much more! There’s so many tips and tricks we can’t cover them all here. But we’ll continue to dig deep into Fall Guys during its big Season 2 celebration kick-off.