Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Use These Devious Tricks To Win Mini-Games (Almost) Every Time

Grabbing that victory crown in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout requires a whole lot of luck. Lots of the mini-games and obstacle courses are full of luck-based challenges — but sometimes, a good strategy is all you need to earn an easy victory. We’re not talking about luck here. This is all about putting your skills to good use. Here are some of the sneakiest, most devious tricks you can use to win mini-games in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

There isn’t a great strategy for every single mini-game — not yet, at least. We’ll add more as they’re discovered, but for now we’re aiming for clear winning tricks. Even if you don’t plan on using these tips, they’re important to know for one simple reason; other players might use them. There are counters for even the most devious tricks.

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How To Beat Hex-A-Gone

In this mini-game, you’ll have players slowly dropping from the top to the bottom of a series of hexagons. Every hexagon you step on will disappear.

To make victory a lot easier, drop to the center of the hexagons and fall all the way down to the bottom blue layer. From the center, run in a circle and remove as many hexagons from the board as possible. When more players reach you, they’ll just fall straight through the floor.

Try to keep an island for yourself, and to slow down, just jump from each hexagon tile instead of running. That’ll help you survive longer on a limited amount of hexagons.

NOTE: This will ONLY work if no one else is also trying the same trick!

If you see someone else going for the bottom, try staying up high as long as possible instead. Create a little island on an upper plate, and hop from one hexagon to the next to move as slowly as possible. If you can outlast the guy on the bottom plate, you’ll win.

How To Beat Egg Scramble

One of the best tactics in the Egg Scramble mini-game isn’t even about collecting eggs for your team. Instead, you can drop into an enemy team’s basket and start tossing the eggs out. Your teammates can grab those eggs and run back to their basket.

The Golden Eggs are great, but not required if you’re scrounging from other teams instead. You can ignore them if you’re fighting a team with no defense.

To stop this tactic, you’ll need allies that play defense. That isn’t happening often, but if you keep a guy one level above, they’ll be able to catch and toss back any removed eggs. This isn’t exactly unbeatable, but it’s surprisingly rare for how powerful it is.

How To Beat Fall Ball

No super-sneaky strategies here. Just something you should lookout for — randomly, an egg will spawn instead of a standard ball. The eggs are worth 5 points, which is a pretty big deal. Go for those eggs and make sure to claim the points for your team!

Otherwise, just watch for the big shadow in the center. If your team is positioned right, you can launch the falling ball straight into the enemy team’s goal almost instantly. It takes a little practice.

How To Beat Rock’n’Roll

In this mini-game, your team works together to push a big boulder. Really, you only need three players pushing the boulder — the rest can get busy ruining everyone else. Go and push enemy team rocks to ruin the direction they’re going.

Following this strategy, you’ll probably fall behind early but catch up later. Don’t worry if everyone else is ahead of you! If you’re messing with their rocks, slow-and-steady will win the race.

Got any other devious tricks for crushing some of the mini-games in Fall Guys? We’ll update this article with more strategies as they’re discovered.