Ed Boon Will Be Present During DC Fandome


With this health pandemic outbreak that is going on around the world right now thanks to the coronavirus, we’re sure that all the events and expos you had planned on this year have been cancelled. Everyone is practicing their ability to distancing and ensuring the ability to avoid spreading this virus around. Still, these events that companies planned to showcase content well in advance is certainly a bit of a hit. As a result, there are more and more companies taking to the internet in order to showcase their announcements or updates.

We know that DC Comics is going to hold its own streaming event known as the DC Fandome. We’ll get the latest news for all sorts of entertainment mediums whether it’s comic books, animated series, new movies, television shows, and of course video games. For instance, we know that Rocksteady Studios will be present at the event where they will showcase their Suicide Squad video game title. Now it looks like there may be an announcement coming from NetherRealm Studios. If you’re not familiar with NetherRealm Studios, these are the folks that brought out the Mortal Kombat and Injustice series.

The founder of the company and creator of these iconic fighting games, Ed Boon, will be present during this DC Fandome event as well. Ed alerted his Twitter followers that he would be present during the event, although he didn’t provide any further details as to what his involvement will be for the DC Fandome event.

As a result, we’re seeing quite a bit of speculation online that we may see some skins for certain DC Comics characters get featured in the latest Mortal Kombat 11 installment, or that we may get the announcement of an Injustice 3. Of course, this is just speculation right now as we’ll have to wait until August 22, 2020, for the event to take place.

Source: Twitter