Watch Over 9-Minutes of Epic Gameplay for PS5’s Godfall

Keith Lee, Game Director for the upcoming PS5 exclusive title — Godfall, has released over 9 minutes of gameplay footage for the looter slasher.

The newly released footage was shown at Sony’s State of Play event. This is where plenty of new games got showcased, and Godfall managed to steal some of the spotlight as it was a pretty awesome looking game. Not only did we learn about the gameplay mechanics for Godfall, but Lee also goes into detail about the world building, lotting gear, and everything else in between.

Check out the 9-minute gameplay overview of Godfall down below:

Trailer Description:

Settle in for an extended look at combat in Godfall, a looter-slasher and brand new, fantasy IP coming to PS5 this holiday. Enjoy nine minutes of footage diving deep into the world of Aperion, the five weapon classes, complete movesets for Longswords and Dual Blades, and more, all running on PlayStation 5.

In related news, according to a recent interview on Gamespot with game director, Keith Lee, we got a bit of insight regarding the video game title and the DualSense.

Keith alerted Gamespot that elements such as feeling the different unique rumbles could provide some gameplay cues. For instance, if a player was to swing a sword and it clashed against another weapon, you would have a unique feedback feeling on the controller. The same could be said with players sliding across different terrains, whether it be gravel or sand. Learn more about the dualsense controller and Godfall right here!

Godfall is without a release date, but it is releasing later this year for the PS5. The PC platform will follow in the future. Are you excited to get your hands on the PS5 and Godfall? Let us know in the comments below!

source: YouTube