Mafia: Definitive Edition – Become An Alien (Or A Clown) With Secret Free Ride Missions | Easter Eggs Guide

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Mafia: Definitive Edition re-introduces the world to Free Ride mode. This old-school wonder allows you to fully explore the open-world environment of Lost Heaven, and it’s an absurdly antiquated idea in the age of GTA5 and RDR2. If you’ve played it, you might think this mode is completely devoid of content — just an extra chapter to explore the game world and shoot it out with the cops if you’re bored.

Well, there’s more to Free Ride! It’s all related to a weird bonus mode included in the original Mafia. In addition to Free Ride, the first game also had a mode called Free Ride Extreme. This weird mode was filled with bizarre missions, strange vehicles, and completely inane content. And while there is no Free Ride Extreme in Mafia: Definitive Edition, there are missions that recall the spirit of that silly extra feature.

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There is a secret set of missions in Free Ride, accessed by reading notes in Salieri’s Bar. Go to the bar, and you’ll get a note with a clue location. Reach the location on the map, listen for a ringing payphone, and you’ll be able to begin.

These missions are all extremely weird, and some of them have crazy rewards. You can earn a mechanic, boxer, or even dog-headed alternate costume, but some of the weirdest are all about clowns and UFOs. Tommy Angelo can do battle with aliens and killer klowns (not from outer space) and earn some absurd costumes.

How To Unlock Free Ride Extreme Missions:

There are 12 FRE missions in Free Ride. To activate them, go to Salieri’s Bar and collect a note. There are notes all over the building — some notes only appear at night. Use the paintings to change the time to night and search the area again.

  • The first note is in the bar. Collect it and go to the edge of Little Italy. Pick-up the ringing phone and begin the mission — the first mission is a tricky time trial. Once you complete the first mission, 10 more will unlock.

Beat the first mission with the Crazy Horse and 10 more notes will appear in Salieri’s Bar. You can begin them all by collecting the notes scattered around. Completing those 10 missions will unlock 1 final Free Ride Extreme mission.

How To Get New Costumes:

Certain Free Ride Extreme missions will unlock new costumes. One of those missions involves chasing a UFO — and another is all about a killer clown like Pennywise. Here are the missions that give you new costumes.

  • Unlockable Easter Egg Mission Costumes:
    • Dog-Head Costume: Complete the ‘Curse of the Baskervilles’ mission. The note appears on Salieri’s desk.
    • Alien Tommy Costume: Complete the ‘Alien Infiltration’ mission. This mission is only available at night — take the note and go to phone booth west of the ‘Workers Quarter’ map marker.
    • Evil Clown Costume: Complete the ‘Pennies From Hell’ mission. The note is found in Salieri’s Bar.
    • Boxer Costume: Complete the ‘Explosive Situation’ mission. Another Salieri’s Bar mission.
    • Mechanic Costume: Complete the ‘Moderate Velocity’ mission. The note is found in Salieri’s Bar, and the phone booth is in the northwest of China Town.

There are more costumes you can unlock in Free Ride just by collecting them, but there’s no real purpose — you won’t get 100% completion, these are just for fun. Some of these missions are extremely difficult.

The UFO mission in particular requires you to basically memorize where the UFO travels so you can reach it in time. You might even run out of gas! It’s a lot of effort, but then you can play the rest of your game with a big green alien head. That’s worth it in my book.