Mafia: Definitive Edition – How To Unlock Secret Super Cars | All Free Ride Activities Guide

Mafia: Definitive Edition re-introduces the world to a classic open-world crime game on current-gen hardware. Everything has been upgraded with completely re-done cutscenes and shooting mechanics. It’s everything you’d expect in a modern game with a decidedly old-school design — there’s an open-world, but there’s really no reason to explore it.

Unless you play through Free Ride Mode. In Free Ride, you can run wild and fully explore the city. It doesn’t appear like there’s much to do, but there are a few activities you can enjoy in-game. You can grab guns at Vinnie’s to spread chaos, or you can complete special Post Card quests and unlock unique super-cars you won’t find anywhere else.

There are five special post card cars. If you’re not sure where to find them, check out the full guide below. I’ll also list the other activities you can do while you’re in Free Ride.

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Vinny’s Lock-Up

Go to Salieri’s Bar and you can revisit Vinny’s armory to collect any guns you need. More guns will unlock as you progress through the main campaign.

Post Card Super Car Locations

For more unlockable cars, travel to Bertoni’s Autoshop. On the wall, you’ll find postcards stuck to the wall. These pictures give you clues to the car’s location — go to the location shown on the picture to steal the car to unlock it permanently.

There are 5 post cards total. Check the cards in your collectibles menu — take a closer look and check the back. Each card has a text clue. Once you collect a card from the wall, the super car will spawn. You can just look at the five locations in the screencaps below.

  • Disorder: Countryside, at a building east of Flyer Dam.
  • Lassiter V16 Appoleon: Beech Hill, central mansion.
  • Flame Spear: Central Island, southeast construction site.
  • Trautenberg Sport: Downtown, the waterfront.
  • Manta Prototype: Works Quarter, central rail station.

Hidden Time-Trials

There’s another activity in Free Roam — you’ll find mysterious notes in Salieri’s Bar.

The first note says — Find the westernmost point of Little Italy and listen for a bell. The bell is a wringing phone. Answer it, and you’ll unlock a special mission called ‘The Crazy Horse’ — by driving the car to the garage marked on your map, you’ll unlock a unique car for your garage. The car has to be in pristine condition, so you can’t crash (or even scratch) the vehicle.

The first car is the “Crazy Horse” and it’s absurdly fast for a car in Mafia. There are many more like it. For each mission you complete, a new note will appear at Salieri’s Bar, telling you to go to a location where a bell is ringing.