The Outer Worlds: Peril On Gorgon DLC – All Named Weapon Locations | Unique Guns Guide

There’s more than just new Science Weapons on Gorgon, the new DLC area for Outer Worlds. The wrecked science compound is packed with named weapons with special one-of-a-kind effects. There are tons of different weapon types to find, including heavy machine guns, energy weapons, weird swords, and some of the best assault rifles in the game.

Gorgon is a challenging place even if you’re an endgame player, so getting the improved Mark 3 gear is essential. All named weapons are high level versions that deal increased damage, and named weapons always have a full compliment of weapon mods already attached. You can’t mod them, but you can upgrade them at any workbench with the tinker function.

There are seriously more than a dozen named weapons. If you have a favorite weapon, there’s a more powerful version in this DLC.

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Named weapons are special guns and melee tools with a unique name — these weapons have built-in mods and other special features that make them superior to other weapons you’ll find in random chest or dropped by enemies.

This is an expansive list of all the Named Weapons we’ve found so far in the Peril on Gorgon DLC. This isn’t all of them — but it absolutely is most of them. If we’re missing any, we’ll add them to the list.

Named Handguns

Doctor’s Order: Named Handgun – Grows in power the closer you are to death. Just like a real doctor! Found in the Master Bedroom in Ambrose Manor.

Lucky: Named Handgun – Lucky’s Revolver increases Critical Hit Chance every time you miss until you get a crit. Found west of the CHEM Lab Upper Exterior entrance. Follow the ravine to a chemical runoff pipe. The revolver is on a small box.

Contraband: Named Light Pistol – Staggering handgun that’s extremely stealthy. Found in the Gorgon Security Checkpoint in the center of the map. Use the computer terminal in one of the unlocked security rooms to generate a Gorgon Security Key.

Prototype Light Pistol: Named Light Pistol – A special named pistol is located in Olivia Ambrose’s office in the SIC building.

Named Long Guns

Medal of Honor: Named Long Gun – Reward for completing the side-quest ‘Love Is The Plan, The Plan Is Death’ in Gorgon. Go to the Sprat Shack and talk to Leonara on the Second Floor. She’ll give you the quest and reward you with this extremely powerful assault rifle.

Equilibrium: Named Light Assault Rifle – A high-capacity assault rifle that fires fast and gets more accurate the longer you fire. Found on Olivia Ambrose’s body if you kill her by siding with Minnie, or after talking to her in Ambrose Manner at the end of the quest.

Most Dangerous Game: Named Heavy Rifle – Powerful staggering sniper rifle that uses heavy ammo. Found in a 150 Lockpick safe in the Gold Canid Trophy room, in Byzantium.

Agony: Named Deadeye Rifle – Powerful battle rifle that always inflicts poison with each shot.

Burnout: Named Energy Carbine – This special energy carbine fires multiple projectiles when fully charged. You can find it carried by Minnie Ambrose if you choose to face her at the end of the Gorgon questline.

Named Heavy Weapons

Coolant Distributor: Named Heavy Weapon – Found in the Abandoned Mines in the northeast section of the map. Found next to a dead body near the Mega Ice Queen alien boss. Causes a special Chilled Effect.

Flurry: Named Heavy Machinegun – A powerful heavy LMG with knockback and special extended magazine.

Storm Cannon: Named Shock Cannon – This shock-type heavy energy weapon causes burn on targets and fires multiple arcs of energy at once. Located in the Olympus Orbital Pharmaceutical Station. Reach the large Station Laboratory and enter the small maintenance room near the front of the room.

Named Melee Weapons

Handy Deconstruction Tool: Named 2-Handed Melee – Sold by Khaleel’s Survival Goods for 6000~ Bits in Gorgon Canyon.

Aerial Assault: Named 2-Handed Melee – A special weapon sold by the merchant ‘Probably Carl’ up the hill from the collapsed tug transport.

Perfect Game: Named 1-Handed Melee – A special pitcher with high damage and a special stagger effect. Found in the OIC lobby display case to the left. Use the front desk computer to unlock the display hallway door.

Shock & Awe: Named 1-Handed Melee – Level 29 melee weapon that stuns and applies shock damage. Found in the unlocked safe in Blakesley’s office in the Administrative level of the HIA building.

Wall of Swords: Named Officer’s Spine – This N-Ray emitting sword causes a bleed effect, and increases the armor of the user if you hit multiple targets at the same time.

A Spade: Named Shovel – A killer shovel that has a chance to inflict bleed with every attack. Found in the large loot container in the Discreet Cave, an area you’ll find when leaving the underground lab at Ambrose Manor if you side with Olivia.

That’s all the guns we’ve found so far. Check back soon for more named weapon locations as they’re discovered.