Wasteland 3: Where To Find All The Best Weapons | Retirer, Ray Tracer & More

Getting the best guns in Wasteland 3 can make your life in post-apocalyptic Colorado a whole lot easier. Later in the game, the battles start to get pretty intense so anything that can give you an edge will help. Here, we’re aiming to grab every gun that’s insanely powerful — and we’re only listing the best of the best. Some of these guns have to be found, and some of them have to be purchased, so make sure to save some coins. Especially when you reach new areas.

Wasteland 3 is a tactical-RPG based on Wasteland, the progenitor that eventually spawned the Fallout series. Wasteland 3 stars your team of Desert Rangers travelling east to help out a fledgling civilization that’s in the grips of a terrible horde of psychopaths. No robot overlords or mutant armies here — this is about good ol’-fashioned politics, and your job is to defeat (or side with) the vile Patriarch leading his collection of gangs across the former United States.

Defeating him and his bloodthirsty goons is a lot more manageable with the right guns. Check the full list of guns and locations below.

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How To Get The Best Weapons | Most Powerful Gun Locations Guide

Some of the best guns for each skill are not unique — but some of them are. You can purchase these weapons, and some of them have a very small chance of spawning in a loot container. If you find a gun in a different location than we have listed before, consider yourself very lucky.

Best Pistols

  • The Retirer (Energy Pistol)
    • Energy Pistol that deals huge damage per shot.
    • Found in Godfisher Farm, Yuma County. Unique Weapon, so it only spawns here.
  • Man Cannon (Small Arms Revolver)
    • Extremely powerful revolver that fires spikes.
    • Sold in Ranger HQ once you progress the story past Aspen.

Best Shotguns

  • Jackhammer (Small Arms Auto Shotgun)
    • Extremely powerful shotgun that fires in 3-round bursts. Most multi-target damage potential in the game.
    • Can be found in the Toaster Repair Museum.

Best SMGs

  • PDW-01 (Small Arts SMG)
    • Fast-firing SMG that rips enemies apart.
    • Located in the Massacre Site, an open-world discovery location that’s only accessible after you acquire Level 2 Radiation Protection.

Best LMGs

  • Minigun (Heavy LMG)
    • Give the Minigun some damage mods and it becomes one of the deadliest weapons in the game.
    • Dropped by enemies and sold in Ranger HQ after clearing the Aspen quest.

Best Melee Weapons

  • Proton Axe (Melee Weapon)
    • Special axe with a 25% shock chance.
    • Sold in Ranger HQ once you progress the story past Aspen.
  • Chainsword (Melee Weapon)
    • Chainsaw sword with a 100% bleed chance. It’s also a reference to Warhammer 40k!
    • Sold in Ranger HQ once you progress the story past Aspen.

Best Sniper Rifles

  • Eliminator (.50 Cal Sniper Rifle)
    • A devastating standard sniper rifle that fires huge bullets.
    • Sold in Ranger HQ once you progress the story past Aspen.
  • Neutron Projector (Energy Sniper Rifle)
    • Powerful energy-based sniper rifle.
    • Reward for passing dialogue checks for the Gipper Armorer. Can also be purchased from the Gipper Armorer.
    • Can be purchased from the HOGS at the Machine Collective.
    • Sold in Ranger HQ once you progress the story past Aspen.
  • Ray Tracer (Beam Sniper Rifle)
    • This energy Sniper Rifle shoots a beam that damages anyone in the narrow cone. It’s like a long-range shotgun.
    • Only available if you side with the Marshalls in their conflict. You can then purchase the Ray Tracer from the Marshalls vendor in your HQ.

There are many more powerful guns to acquire in Wasteland 3. We’ll add more as we discover them!