Outer Worlds: Peril On Gorgon DLC – How To Start The Expansion Quest & Reach Gorgon

The Peril On Gorgon DLC is an unexpected treat for fans of Outer Worlds. Originally, no expansions were planned for this fun-sized FPS-RPG made in the same vein as Fallout: New Vegas — but thanks to some surprising success and a purchase from Microsoft, the developers are back to deliver another planet for players to explore.

Okay, it isn’t really a planet. You’ll be visiting the floating asteroid research colony on Gorgon. Formerly run by the Spacer’s Choice corporation, the area is now a lawless space rock filled with insane marauders. It’s a high-level location too, so you’ll have to wait until the game is almost over before fully exploring the challenges within. There’s more perks to unlock, more special weapons to find, and a big mystery to unravel. Basically, it’s everything we want from an Outer Worlds expansion.

If you’re confused and need help getting started, this is what you need to do.

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How To Start The Expansion Quest & Reach Gorgon

Before you can begin the ‘The Ones Who Walk Away From Gorgon‘ quest, you’ll need to leave the starting planet and acquire the Unreliable. The quest is available at any point after that.

The Gorgon zone is available for Level 25~ characters, so you’ll want to wait until near the end-game to tackle this!

  • To begin the main quest, just travel somewhere in your ship, the Unreliable.
  • You’ll get a message from a parcel company. Accept the package!
  • Go to the Cargo Hold of the ship and check the box on the floor. It contains a human arm with a message recorder!

I recommend waiting until later to play through this quest. It does unlock a new planet, but you’ll get way more dialogue if you collect the chest with a full compliment of party members. Everyone has something to say!

It doesn’t take too long to reach Level 25 if you’re exploring everything you can and doing quests. Even if you’re not Level 25, you’ll find better gear and weapon drops on Gorgon, so you can quickly catch up.