Paper Mario: The Origami King – All MAX UP Heart Locations | Max HP Guide

Need more power and HP in Paper Mario: The Origami King? You’ll need to find all the hidden MAX UP hearts. These rare treasures are found all throughout the game world. Some of them are very well hidden and almost impossible to find without a little help — others, you’ll just find as you progress through the game.

There are about four or five MAX UP Hearts that are really, really difficult to locate. If you want to upgrade Mario completely and gain 200 HP, you’ll need to find all of these permanent upgrade hearts. Some of them even require extra puzzling steps — if you don’t remember everything about the game, like how to open cans or how to revive shriveled things, we’ll explain what you need to know below.

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All MAX UP Heart Locations

MAX UP Hearts are special collectibles that give Mario a permanent HP and power upgrade. Not all MAX UP Hearts increase your power, but many of them do. All MAX UP Hearts increase your total HP — sometimes by a lot, and sometimes by only +5. Finding all the MAX UP Hearts will increase Mario’s total HP to 200.

  • Max UP Heart +20: Earth Vellumental Temple – At the end of the fire trap gauntlet. Impossible to miss.
  • MAX UP Heart +5: Autumn Mountain – In the area with the tall yellow grass, go to the lower-left corner and find a hole that drops Mario into a cavern. There’s a Hidden Toad inside with a MAX UP Heart.
  • MAX UP Heart +5: Water Vellumental Shrine – Once you can access the lower level of the first room, go past the bats and use your hammer to knock a Hidden Toad out of the small background windowsills.
  • MAX UP Heart +20: Shogun Studios – Reward for getting past the Chain Chomp and accessing the Ninja Attraction.
  • MAX UP Heart +5: Shogun Studios – Go to the upper-right and enter the House of Riddles. You can only open the door with the [Shogun Studios Master Key]. In the house, make the left and right side identical and line the doors up so the green backdrop creates a green ‘V’ shape.
  • MAX UP Heart +20: The Great Sea – On The Princess Peach, take the stairs up from the pool and open the chest behind the smokestack.
  • MAX UP Heart +10: Snifit City / Shroom City – In the Royal Hotel, jump into the locked left area in the pool room. Smash the crates here and use the 1,000-Fold Arms circle to close the valve. Now you can return to the main room and talk to the Snifit on a surfboard. That surfboard is actually an origami Hidden Toad with a MAX UP heart reward.
  • MAX UP Heart +5: Scorching Sandpaper Desert – Go to the front-left corner of the Sandpaper Desert area where the Fire Vellumental Cave is located. There’s a small ring of six rocks — dig in the center to get a shrivelled heart. Take it to the pond in Whispering Woods! Throw it in to restore the heart.
  • MAX UP Heart +10: Temple of Shrooms – Near the end of the final dungeon in the Yellow Streamer Region, you’ll have to collect Faceless Toads. Collect 10, then go to the large room that’s packed with sarcophaguses. Push open the coffin with the heart-shaped symbol.
  • MAX UP Heart +20: The Great Sea – Find Heart Island [D4] and solve the puzzle. At the end, there’s a Hidden Toad folded like a heart. Free him to gain this huge HP boost.
  • Max UP Heart +5: The Great Sea – Dive for treasure in the center of the compass / star icon in the bottom-left corner. Take the Canned Heart to the Canned Food Party in Autumn Mountain to open it!
  • MAX UP Heart +5: Ice Vellumental Mountain – In the Ice Vellumental dungeon in Diamond Island, enter the first hallway where the Sumo Bros. knock ice spires from the ceiling. Use the first ice spire near the room entrance to jump left to a hidden chest.
  • MAX UP Heart +10: Shangri-Spa – Find the Heart Shop Sniffit in the central square. Hit the closed parasol with your hammer to make this sniffit appear. Pay him 10,000 coins to get the heart.
  • MAX UP Heart +10: Shangri-Spa – There’s another hidden heart in the Shrine of Rainbows. After getting through the VIP Door, you’ll enter a cave with steam vents. Explore the cave and knock down all three stalactites to power-up the stream vent under an elevator platform. It will take you up to a chest with this heart.