The Best Short Action RPGs Of The Last 10 Years

#2 Nier automata

Nier: Automata was an instant hit when it launched where it follows a storyline within a futuristic setting with the world missing of human life. After humans were forced to flee Earth after a robotic attack, society is hoping that they can regain their home planet through the use of highly skilled and developed androids. You take the role of a combat android sent to Earth in order to fight in this proxy war.

Combat is a big part of the game and luckily it’s incredibly satisfying. This semi-open world RPG feels a bit like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry. You’ll have a mixture of heavy and light attacks to use against the enemy and there are even some shump elements to the game after being tossed into an aircraft. With that said, there are still RPG elements to the title and that means making upgrades on your weapons along with the android itself. Now, this is the longest game on the particular list but don’t worry it’s not a game that will force you to sink countless hours into. The main storyline can be completed in about 20 hours.

#1 Bastion

Listen, we would be pretty surprised if you didn’t play or at least heard about Bastion. This debut title for indie studio Supergiant Games was a mega-hit and the studio has continued to turn out some incredible works. However, we’re focusing on Bastion for this point where players are tossed into a world that has simply been destroyed. Taking on the role of a hero known as The Kid, players embark on an epic action RPG journey featuring some complex levels filled with unique enemies and hazardous world elements.

This story may be a bit lacking, but everything else makes up for it. You have an awesome array of weapons, visually pleasing aesthetic, and to top it off, the smooth vocals of a narrator helps drive the game forward. With vocals bleeding into the game offering some motivation or generic information, the game is not only pleasing to play but just a fun listen as well. The more you play the more you’ll unlock new weapons or customization options and it becomes a battle on when to stop playing. Of course, it’s not a game that will keep playing going through the campaign endlessly anyway. Most have completed this game in about 6 hours so if you’re really short on time for video games but haven’t given Bastion an honest go, then we would highly recommend giving this title a try.