The Best Short Action RPGs Of The Last 10 Years

#6 Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Deus Ex has been a pretty longrunning video game franchise as well and it’s continued to thrive today. The latest release happens to be Deus Ex Mankind Divided which should probably tell you everything about the storyline by the title alone if you’re familiar with the previous installment. If you don’t recall, the end of the previous release saw an end of the world plot go awry where people with augmentations lost control of their bodies and attempted to go on a mass murder rampage. Of course, that didn’t quite go as plan thanks to Adam Jensen, but today within the game world, there is still this massive division among people with and without augmentations.

Don’t worry about the storyline too much about the events prior as this installment does a pretty decent job at filling the gaps of what happened and characters right from the start of this game. What you would need to know is that this time around Adam Jensen is on a case to unveil a believed Illuminati group that may behind another mass attack. It’s a bit on the conspiracy-driven storyline, but you’ll still have fun. With that said the studio also worked hard on a big change-up for the gameplay. Players have several upgrade pathways to make which would further increase the ability to really play in a variety of ways. Whether you want to enjoy the game stealthily, guns blazing or using dialogue to get a mission done, there is typically a means to do so. Not to mention that the game is set in a relatively large city hub area where you could dive into different areas to explore or simply take in the scenery from different parts of the day along with different levels of chaos this city will go through. No matter the playstyle you go through Deus Ex Mankind Divided, you’ll be looking at about 15 hours to beat the campaign.

#5 Dust An Elysian Tail

Those that enjoy Metroidvania style games will want to take a look at Dust: An Elysian Tail from developers Humble Hearts. It’s a game that puts players into a world filled with anthropomorphic creatures. Players take the role of Dust who awakens in a forest and stumbles upon a sentient sword along with the sword’s guardian, Fidget. Without any memories of what happened prior, Dust who now wields the sword along with Fidget heads into a local town in hopes of gaining some answers. It’s only then that it’s clear that the world is in trouble from some dark war and clearly, Dust played some type of role in this war. As a result, players embark on a grand journey to get rid of the evil and free the innocent creatures.

The gameplay is a nice mix between hack-and-slash along with some RPG elements. You’ll explore some truly remarkable level designs, fight off an assortment of bosses, and gather gear to help progress your way through the campaign. Combat is fast and fluid with controls being overall simple to grasp but there’s still some room for players to pull off some highly skilled move sets if that’s something you’re interested in. All-in-all, the game isn’t very long to complete but those just looking to get through the storyline will find that the title can be wrapped up in about 10 hours.

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