The Best Short Action RPGs Of The Last 10 Years

Remember when back in the day you could play video games all day and no one would bat an eye? Then responsibilities kicked in, with a job, schooling, relationships, and family life, it’s hard diving into some video game titles that take days to finish. RPGs, in general, can be quite exhausting to go through, and if you’re short on time or just can’t sink in hours on end gameplay that you could once before then this list may prove to be useful. We’ve passed a decade and most of us have looked back at some of our favorite video games. Today, we’re going to offer ten great action RPG titles that are relatively short. Of course, there are no definitive lists, these are all in good fun and we would love to know your recommendations for short action RPG games that released within the past ten years. Without further ado, check out our picks down below.

#10 Maneater

Maneater is one of the newer video game titles to have released and it’s quite a unique but fun experience. In this game, players take the role of a baby shark who is on a revenge quest to take out the shark hunter that killed its mother. In order to do this, you’ll have to level up and it’s done by simply chomping down on other prey. Starting off you have the work with creatures that is actually suitable to take on but the more you age and defeat creatures, the more you’ll increase in size. Soon after you’ll be large enough to take on some really cool under the water enemy battles to even humans. Now it’s not all mindless chomping down as there are some missions to complete but then again, the gameplay is focused around devouring your prey.

The combat is pretty fluid, you have an assortment of mechanics at your disposal whether it be dashing through the air, thrashing, or even flinging an enemy with your tale to knock it in other hazards. It’s honestly what you would expect out of a shark game and with that said, it’s not a game that will require a ton of time to complete. Really, to complete everything in the game you’ll only need 12 hours although the main storyline alone will just take about 8 hours of your time.

#9 Alpha protocol

Obsidian Entertainment may have a good track record but it doesn’t mean all of their games were critical hits. Alpha Protocol won’t win any awards and it definitely feels like an older game from the others on this list. But, years after its release the game has managed to captivate a cult following to some degree. Yes, this game may be buggy but you may also find yourself having some fun regardless. Overall, this title puts players into the role of a master spy going after underground criminal organizations.

It may be a bit more action-oriented then what we may be used to seeing with Obsidian Entertainment, but there are still plenty of narrative-driven options for players to decide on. The game has players going through several conversations where how you approach the subject and respond could mean a big difference to the overall game. Likewise, several customization options help players decide on how they wish to play the game such as a player wanting to take a more stealth approach by using invisibility inducing gadgetry when taking out the enemy. Despite having some issues, you can pick up a copy for relatively cheap today and you’ll only need about 13 hours to complete this story.

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