The Best Short Action RPGs Of The Last 10 Years

#4 The Outer World’s

Obsidian Entertainment knows how to make a solid RPG. With games like Star Wars Knight’s Of The Republic 2, Fallout New Vegas, and Pillars of Eternity, a game that comes from this studio is pretty quick to get the stamp of approval from plenty of gamers. In fact, in the marketing material leading up to The Outer World’s launch, the studio highlighted their work on the Fallout franchise. It was also pretty clear that a lot of inspiration behind this title came from their love and hard work behind Fallout New Vegas. At any rate, The Outer World’s is a space drama epic where players step into the future as a protagonist that happened to be onboard a space vessel deemed lost in the voyage.

Years have passed after you boarded a ship to be apart of a crew set out to colonize other planets. However, when your ship was lost and every crew member stuck in a cryostasis, most deemed that the lives were lost. That was until a scientist that had been labeled mad discovered the ship and woke you from the eternal slumber. From there you are on your own as the protagonist embarks on the first of several planets. Players will get to meet with locals, help with their problems, make decisions that will play a big role in how the story will continue on. Best of all, it’s a relatively short RPG experience. If you set aside about 12 hours out of the week, you’ll finish the game, although there is some replay value to help flesh out the story.

#3 Devil May Cry 5

The Devil May Cry series has been around for decades and it gained quite a massive following. This series continued to thrive on the current-generation of video game platforms with Devil May Cry 5 where we get a look into the world following the events of Devil May Cry 4. We won’t throw a spoiler-heavy synopsis here but overall, you get access to Nero, Dante, along with a newcomer named V. A new demonic overtake happens, and the three end up entangled in another journey to rid the area of demons. Don’t go into the game expecting a lore heavy experience like the previous installment, Devil May Cry 4, but you can still have a pretty decent time throughout.

Still, the main focus on this game is the combat and we can say that Capcom’s team did a fantastic job of making the gameplay feel great. It’s a hack-and-slash style game with each character offering their unique attributes. Dante has a wide assortment of guns to swords that can deliver some devastating blows, Nero has an assortment of mechanical arms that can quickly change up his gameplay on the fly, and V can control some demonic beings of his own. It’s not a game that asks much from players to keep the game progressing, instead, this is very much a straightforward style of game. Players walk forward into an area, fight off a ton of enemies, a boss, and continue onward. There are some slight platforming areas and of course, cutscenes to help tell the storyline, but the combat was put in front for this current mainline entry. If you haven’t played previous installments, you may want to dabble into some YouTube videos to get the overall idea on what’s going on along with certain character backgrounds, but after that, you only need about 11 hours to complete the game.

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