Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – How To Unlock New Level 4 Skills, Field Charms & Spell Mastery | SOS Task Force Guide

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is expanding with new powerful skills you can unlock and upgrade with SOS Task Force jobs. Completing the brand new lessons trees give you skills to stop retreating confoundables or improve your potion brewing time. Even better, you can also earn new Field Charms — spells that you can use on your map screen.

Two out of these three Field Charms work for everyone in your area, so if you’re feeling generous or playing with friends, you can add a whole lot more spell energy to your local map, or make those Greenhouses spit out more rare ingredients for powerful potions. There’s more you need to know about, like the new resources you’ll have to earn to upgrade these powers, but it’s all straightforward. We’ve got everything explained below.

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New Level 4 Skills | Mastery & Field Charms

The SOS Task Force is offering new lessons to help Level 4 magic-users earn new powerful skills — these new skills are available to everyone no matter what job you’ve selected.

The skills are unlocked by completing the new SOS Task Force lessons. By completing the different lesson trees, you’ll earn powerful skills that improve everything about your character. You’ll have to focus on one of these lessons at a time, and upgrading the skills costs a new resource.

  • Level 4 SOS Task Force Skills:
    • Departure Denial: Raises chances that confoundables will be unable to escape after casting a spell.
    • Potions Effect: Speeds up different potion brewing times.

In addition to new skills, you can also unlock spells that can be used on the map called Field Charms. There are three types of Charms — Trace Charm, Inn Charm, and Greenhouse Charm. Only you will have the effects of Trace Charms, but anyone nearby will be able to take advantage of the effects of Inn Charms and Greenhouse Charms.

  • New Field Charms | Map Spells:
    • Trace Charm: Use this charm on existing Traces to reveal more trace locations on your map.
    • Inn Charm: Use this charm on Inns to spawn more spell energy on the map.
    • Greenhouse Charm: Use this charm on Greenhouses to make rare potion ingredients more likely to appear.

To unlock and upgrade these skills and spells, you’ll need to acquire three new item types: Field Guides, Ministry Manuals, and Defense Against The Dark Arts Books. You’ll need to be Level 4 to acquire these, and they can be found through specific activities.

  • How To Acquire Level 4 SOS Skill & Spell Resources:
    • Field Guides: Return Foundables and send images to the Registry.
    • Ministry Manuals: Return Foundables and send images to the Registry.
    • Defense Against The Dark Arts Books: Participate in in-game events.

The Defense Against The Dark Arts Books are a little more rare than the others, so be on the lookout for in-game events and make sure to participate. Check daily (or follow Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on Twitter) to get the news you need so you don’t miss these events.