10 Silly, Un-Scary Moments In Extremely Scary Games | Easter Eggs, Jokes & More

Even scary games have to lighten up a little bit. We absolutely adore spooky video games at Gameranx, and the best ones aren’t all abandoned basements and fleshy abominations — sometimes you just need to ride a colorful UFO into space, or put on a princess costume during the zombie apocalypse.

Today, we’re ranking the most un-scary moments from certifiably terrifying video games. These moments can be anything — random jokes, funny features, or out-there Easter eggs. Anything that helped to lighten the mood is worth exploring here. Scary games are great, and they’re even better if they’re willing to have a little bit of fun too.

Stuck at home? Revisit some lists on Gameranx:

Sam Lake’s Max Payne Face [Alan Wake]

Alan Wake is a mind-bending game inspired by Twin Peaks, with plenty of literal and literary horror lurking in the dark shadows of the sprawling forests you’ll spend chunks of the game trudging through. It’s a tense, action-packed game with plenty of normal absurdity — that’s just developer Remedy’s style. There’s an action set-piece where you fight back hordes of light-hating enemies with a fireworks-rigged rock band’s stage.

The moment that filled me with the most delight and provided the most meta charm is hidden in a quick flashback to Alan Wake’s past. In his New York apartment, you’ll find a TV with an interview appearance by Alan Wake’s face actor — and the writer of the game / Max Payne’s original face model Sam Lake. At the end of the interview, Sam Lake makes his famous “constipated” Max Payne face, and we all laugh. Just watch the video above.

Spring Break 1984 DLC [Friday The 13th: The Game]

There’s nothing scarier than adults pretending to be teenagers, running around and hiding at night while wearing outfits that completely undercut any menace whatsoever.

There’s just something incongruous about camp counselors retreating from a masked killer in the dead of night wearing swim trunks. Doing it in a movie is one thing, but when you’re watching the glitched-out mannequins of Friday The 13th: The Game twitch around and scramble whenever Jason shows up, the effect is hilarious.

These are optional skins anyone can purchase and use in-game, so only the silliest players will even bother sporting these goofy swimsuits.