Nioh 2: How To Beat Every Boss | Ch. 6: Shuten Doji, Lady Osakabe & Kashin Koji

March towards the big finale with the powerful penultimate bosses of Nioh 2. There are drunk demons, castle-sized creatures, and a hidden mastermind behind the strife in Japan. These are some of the wildest bosses in the game yet — and that’s saying something. If you’ve made it this far, you’ve overcome a pretty huge difficulty spike. It’s mostly downhill from here. Until the next chapter, that is.

You’ll be fighting some extremely strange demons, and facing old friends in battle. We’re covering all the major boss encounters in Chapter 6 — it seems like the final chapter, but there’s one quick epilogue to deal with once you’re finished hunting bad guys. There are four major bosses to deal with here, and there are some major story spoilers ahead. Just so you know before scrolling down.

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Boss Guides:

Shuten Doji

This demonic entity from the past is finally free. Returning from your origin story, he uses a gourd full of booze and a massive metal war club. When he drinks from his gourd, he’ll spit fire if it’s full. If it’s empty, he’ll instead attack wildly.

When he enters the Dark Realm, he’s drunk! He’s actually a worse fighter here, stumbling around and tripping over himself. If he falls down, you can simply stab him while he’s on the ground.

You can Counter Burst his gourd attacks. If he spits flame, stand directly in front of him and time your Counter Burst to when the flame strikes you. This demon fights hard, so damaging his maximum Anima makes this fight a lot easier to handle.

His hair-whip is his most dangerous attack. When he roars and generates a red ring around himself, dodge far away to escape. You won’t be able to guard against his hair attack!

Save your Yokai abilities until he enters the Dark Realm, then overwhelm him. Unleash your abilities, drain his Anima, and go nuts on him.

Lady Osakabe

The boss rush ends with a truly terrifying monster — Lady Osakabe consists of six hair-tendrils with eyes inlaid in chattering teeth, with one giant eye growing out of castle tower. Each eye shoots a different projectile, and the tendrils closest to you will attempt to swipe you.

To actually damage the boss, attack the tendril that’s closest to the ledge. You can attack them with regular sword swings until they fall. Finish them off, and 25% of Lady Osakabe’s anima meter will drop. You can only damage the boss when she’s stunned — attack the giant eye to dish out about 25%-33% damage. You’ll need to rinse and repeat three or four times to take her down.

To speed up the process, dodge through its attacks and wait for a Burst Counter. That stuns them, giving you enough time to finish the tendrils off.

After doing damage to her, she’ll enter the Dark Realm and all of the tendrils will attack faster. Each time, she’ll have less maximum anima, so you can make her falter much faster. Your magic regenerates faster in the Dark Realm, so use your Yokai summons faster. Take down the tendrils, knock her down three times, and finish her off with a death blow to the exposed eye.


Your old friend has become your enemy. He wields dual swords, and has some powerful fire-based magic. In the Dark Realm, he’ll unlock his true potential, summoning massive fireballs, attacking swiftly, and teleporting to attack from above. Be prepared to dodge when he stands still for his instant teleport attack.

While Tokichiro does fight fiercely, he doesn’t have much HP. At this point, he doesn’t put up much of a fight against you. You should be able to take him down before too land. Drain his anima with Yokai attacks, especially in the Dark Realm, weaken him, and just lay on the attacks until he goes down.

Kashin Koji

Your true enemy reveals himself at last. Kashin Koji is a Yokai in human form — a wizard with a pretty vast array of magic spells. He’ll launch fireballs straight forward, summon lightning all around him from the sky, and swing a massive ice sword for his Burst Counter attack. To Burst Counter, either counter when his sword slams straight down, or counter when it swipes sideways.

In the Dark Realm, he’ll summon copies of himself that drop slowly attack with projectiles. Watch out for the poison bubbles that generate fields of poison on the ground. He’ll also teleport and attack faster — but like any Dark Realm, it will eventually disappear if you can survive long enough.

After killing Kashin once, he’ll revive and begin using his Dark Realm abilities all the time. In his second form, he has much less health than before. He’ll die faster, so you only need to keep attacking him. Wait for the Dark Realm to end (it reappears when he revives) and you’ll be able to take this guy down.