Nioh 2: How To Beat Every Boss | Ch. 4: Gyuki, Kasha & Ryomen Sukuna

The bosses are only getting bigger in Nioh 2. In the first chapter alone, you’ll have to fight the Gyuki — a whale-sized bull-spider hybrid that also grows wings. That’s just one of the demonic terrors you’ll face in this chapter. We’re past the halfway point, and the bosses are getting tougher. To help your lone Yokai Hunter, we’re covering every unmissable boss battle in the game with tips and strats to help you survive every fight.

Along with the aforementioned spider-bull, you’ll also have to fight a catwoman on wheels, armed with a burning whip that lights the arena on fire. The final fight pits you against a goliath statue with four legs, two heads, and two arms — each half armed with a different set of weapons and different elemental forms. It’s a doozy of a fight.

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How To Beat Saiko Magoichi

This is just the first boss of the mission. Defeating him to unlock the Founder’s Hall Gate Key, and leads to a much harder battle ahead.

Yet another winged-samurai. This one flies and fires his special rifles from afar. He can move around the arena extremely quickly, unleashing a few combo attacks with his back-up blade if he’s pinned. He’s not a Yokai, so he can’t summon a Dark Realm, which makes this fight trivial compared to some of the previous opponents you’ve had to deal with.

Do enough damage, and he’ll start summoning his bird Spirit Guardian. These are his most annoying attacks — he’ll summon a large amount of semi-tracking fireballs around himself. If you’re standing near him, these fireballs can absolutely destroy you. Sprint away when he whistles!

Saika can teleport, throw firebombs, and fire multiple times with his rifle. He’s surprisingly tricky to drain, so you’ll just have to whittle down his health bar the normal way. Most of his close-range attacks aren’t that threatening, so rushing into battle is your best bet. Just run when he whitles.

It’s tough to find a good time to heal. Back off and use the wood pillars for cover. They’ll block his bullets, and his fireball projectiles. Be prepared for a sudden teleport strick! If you can stay alive and avoid his projectiles, you’ll be able to beat Saiko.

How To Beat Gyuki

The true boss of the mission is Gyuki — a four-eyed spider with a bull’s head. This this is massive demon with frontal claw swipes, ice breath, poison gas, and a burst charge attack. Getting the timing just right on the Burst Counter is important. It shouldn’t take too much practice.

If you dodge the charge, Gyuki will crash head-first into the wall and get stuck. You’ll have some time to attack the crystal back-legs of the demon. It will try to stomp you, and its got some seriously deadly farts.

  • NOTE: If Gyuki flies, it will delay it’s burst charge attack. If it’s on the ground, it will immediately charge forward.

After summoning the Dark Realm, Gyuki summons two massive wings and begins moving much faster. It can turn on a tighter radius, and it can fly towards you. It keeps the wings, even when the Dark Realm disappears. The boss only has a few attacks. The trick is learning to dodge them and staying alive.

How To Beat Kasha

A demonic feline armed with a whip and a pair of burning wheels. The rides on the wheels, zipping forward and leaving behind a trail of fire. At close range, she’ll either whip left and right, or slam the ground with her whip, generating several blasts of fire. At medium range, you can bait out her Burst Counter attack — a simple charge that’s easy to block.

When she enters the Dark Realm, she summons spinning blue tops from her whip. These tops are spiked, and they’ll track you until they topple over. While the Dark Realm is active, she’ll continuously summon these spinning tops. You can guard against them to slow their momentum. If you’re near her, her whip attack will also knock them down. Don’t forget you can block in all directions!

At 50% health, Kasha gains new attacks. She’ll leap into the air and slam her whip down to generate a prolonged explosion. It’s a good chance to attack her. She’ll also begin summoning spiked tops and minor demons. Roll forward and to the side when she charges, and try to avoid the fire. Keep laying on attacks, Burst Countering, and you’ll eventually take her down.

How To Beat Ryomen Sukuna

A double-headed statue that stomps around on four-legs, he swaps between his two bodies — blue or red, and each has its own unique attacks. The red-side uses fire-imbued swords and strikes at close-range. The blue-side launches volleys of arrows with ice-elemental power.

  • NOTE: You can dish out extra damage to the boss by destroying the blue / red crystals in the arena. The color-coded crystals give your weapons an ice effect or a fire effect, and they each deal extra damage to the opposite colored boss.

As the battle goes on, the two sides will work together more often — the blue side will launch arrows into the air while the red side continues to fight. Watch for the blue markers on the ground and sprint / dodge to avoid falling arrows.

Aim for his side — he moves very slowly on an axis, and his attacks generally aim straight forward. He’ll use combos that strikes directly in front of him, so just attack his sides while he’s stuck in a combo animation. All of them are pretty slow, and his big attacks always force him into a short recovery animation.

His Burst Counter attacks are also easy to read. He’ll spin-up and come at you. When he swaps to his blue side, get in close and avoid his easy-to-dodge bow melee attacks. His longer range attacks are annoying, especially when you’re trying to heal. Try to keep some of the crystals around, and you can use those for cover while healing.

Stay at medium range and bait out his power attacks. When he slams his axe into the ground (and generates fireballs), you’ll have time to attack. His straight sword lunge is also another easy Burst Counter. This boss is all about patience. Take your time, slowly knock down his Anima, strike while he’s vulnerable, and you’ll eventually beat him.