Nioh 2: How To Farm Proficiency & Earn Skill Points Faster

Proficiency is just another word for XP in Nioh 2, and the more proficiency you earn with a specific weapon, the more Samurai Skill Points you’ll get.

Depending on the weapon you’re using, you can earn tons of Proficiency points in the late-game just by smacking around enemies with the weakest weapons. Unlike games like Dark Souls, you don’t actually need to kill enemies to earn proficiency — you’ll earn points just by dishing out damage. The more health an enemy has, the more Proficiency you’ll earn just by whittling them down.

This simple trick is all about farming for proficiency with your preferred weapon type. It’s a great way to earn tons of points — 25,000+ in 15~ or so minutes. You’ll need to be pretty far in the game, but this farming method is really only required for players working through NG+. You can use the basics to create your own farm, but this specific farm is for end-game play only. All thanks go to u/FacelessHumanFace for sharing this farming strat.

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To earn huge Proficiency and unlock Skill Points, you’ll need to first equip Wooden Training Weapons from the Dojo. Training Weapons gives you a +50% Proficiency Bonus when used. They’re extremely effective for farming, and not much else.

The simplest mission to farm is a Dojo Mission called ‘The Nine Symbols‘ — you’ll need to reach 500,000 Onmyo Proficiency to unlock this special side-mission.

You’ll have to fight four Yokai — one at a time. Shoot down the flying heads in the first battle with a ranged weapon, then defeat the Monk Yokai. After that is a multi-headed Yokai, and finally the Onryoki boss. By this point, you should be pretty familiar, so whacking them (slowly) to death shouldn’t be too bad.

For smacking them around, you’ll earn about 25,000 Proficiency with your chosen weapon. Not a bad way to spend 10-15 minutes.