Your Favorite Games Remade In Dreams | Silent Hills, Fallout 4, Halo, MGS & More

You can make anything in Dreams, but everyone has to start somewhere. One of the best ways to shake out those creation-cobwebs is to recreate the things you love, and there are tons of recreations built by the passionate Dreams community. Whether it’s a rebuilt dock from Metal Gear Solid, levels inspired by Halo, or an incredible Fallout 4 experience, Dreams is full of tributes to the greatest games of yesteryear. Here’s just a handful of the most mind-boggling recreations released so far.

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Fallout 4: Dreams Edition (By: Robo_Killer_V2)

In this incredible showcase, you can play Fallout 4 in Dreams — and there is gameplay. It looks great, with each object lovingly sculpted to match the real-deal counterparts. That includes a few weapons you’ll be able to snag while exploring the (unfinished) landscape, but it really is eerily accurate to the real thing.

Silent Hills (By: DrJones20)

Here’s something very different. Instead of recreating P.T. — this is a small slice of what Silent Hills might’ve been. You’re not walking the halls of a mystery house in first-person, you’re walking around with fixed camera, controlling Norman Reedus, talking to the police, and investigating strange occurrences. It’s a horror-themed adventure game sequel to P.T.!

This isn’t the only awesome Silent Hill showcase — check out the Silent Hill 2 Observation Deck (By: Huknar) for an incredibly detailed recreation of the starting area in SH2.

Lara’s Mini-Adventure (By: Cyberpunk-JC)

Play as a pixelated Lara Croft in this PS1-era mini-adventure. It has the slow controls and chunky graphics of the old games that’s still kinda charming. You won’t be climbing or shooting, but this is still a fun little recreation — the Lara Model was created by orionvalentine. Now we just have to cross our fingers and hope for a new Lara Croft adventure in the future.

Metal Gear Solid – Dock Area (By: Bearskopff)

Here’s something incredibly cool — a recreation of the docks from Metal Gear Solid 1, in all their PS1 glory. The area is incredibly accurate, and even includes some awesome sneaking-logic to help would-be Solid Snakes create their own future games. The setting is practically perfect, down to the smallest detail. Your goal? Find all the rations to unlock even more retro assets!

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