Sony Details New PlayStation Player Celebration; Earn Free Dynamic Themes, Avatars, and a Chance at a Real Engraved Platinum Trophy

Mary Yee Vice President of Global Marketing at SIE took to the PlayStation Blog to announce a brand new event for PlayStation members titled — Player Celebration.

The new PlayStation Player Celebration event will give users the chance to earn free rewards that range from static PS4 themes to an epic real life engraved platinum trophy showcasing your PSN ID! All players must do is sign up, and start playing games!

Yes, that’s really it, start playing games, unlocking trophies, and more and more rewards will be released. This will be a community effort, so as you cans see from down below, there are three goals and with each one players will receive a reward. Players will have until March 17th to complete all the goals, but if the community comes together and finishes them before, the event will end on that date.

Check out the new trailer detailing the PlayStation Player Celebration down below:

Check out the chart below to see the goals for each round, as well as what prizes you can win.

Goal One
125K Games Played
500K Trophies EarnedStart playing from February 24
An exclusive PS4 static themeAn exclusive PSN avatar
Goal Two
375K games played
1.5M Trophies earnedStarts when Goal One is completed
Five exclusive PSN avatar images
Goal Three
675K games played
2.7M Trophies earnedStarts when Goal Two is completed
An exclusive PS4 dynamic theme

Click here to learn more about the program, and track the latest progress on Community Goals. Make sure to check back often to see how the Community is doing, when each goal has been met, and when the next one begins.

The PlayStation Player Celebration event has already begun, so if you want to throw your hat into the ring and earn some free rewards along the way, make sure to sign up before March 17th, 2020.

Would you like to receive a engraved PlayStation Platinum Trophy showcasing your PSN ID? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PS Blog