Dreams: The Best Creations We’ve Found (So Far!) | Community Showcase [2/17/20]

Vanguard is an incredible showcase project.

Dreams is finally out for everyone to experience, and there are already plenty of amazing creations to find thanks to an extended open beta period. There’s so much to wade through, we wanted to share 10 of our personal favorite picks — and unlike other creation engines by Media Molecule, there’s no shortage of interesting projects to explore. This is just a taste of the power of Dreams, and we’re eager to keep exploring.

Some of the games that didn’t quite make our list are incredibly impressive tech demos — the Ultra Realistic FPS project looks amazing, as does the team’s Survive, a survival-FPS where you can construct your very own shelter. It’s all incredibly impressive, but not quite finished enough to recommend. Many of the projects listed below are on-going, and if you want to see how they evolve, make sure to follow the creators.

You can explore and check out more creations on the official community Dreams site here.

Ommy Kart – Menu

Ommy Kart (By: ManChickenTurtle)

Play against bots in this colorful kart racer in the vein of Mario Kart — the levels are vibrant, and the driving is intuitive. Race to first place using explosive rubber ducky power-ups, or launch missiles to blast opponents. This little game only has one track so far, but you’ll have multiple characters to choose from. It’s an amazing proof-of-concept with tons of personality, and well-worth giving a spin.

Shadows Dance At Olivetop Reach: A Little RPG (By: Mandelbo)

Another impressive proof-of-concept — this mini-RPG puts you in the shoes of a lost witch exploring a detailed dungeon environment. The location itself is the stand-out here, making this the most elaborate JRPG dungeon I’ve seen in any game. You’ll get into turn-based random battles, use items, and gain levels. I can’t wait to see how this one evolves in the future.

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