Dead Cells: How To Get The Scythe Claws, The Best New Weapon In The Game

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The Scythe Claws are just one of many new weapons added in the Bad Seed DLC for Dead Cells, but they’re one of the absolute best in the entire game. Instead of taking up a single weapon slot, the Scythe Claws fill your entire weapon bar — taking up both slots, and giving you a single weapon with two different types of attacks. The Left Claw quickly slices vertically, while the Right Claw launches a devastating (and slower) horizontal slash. That’s cool enough on its own, but the true power of this weapon is how you can string endless critical combos.

If you alternate your attacks, you’ll land with a critical hit every time. Swapping from Left-to-Right-to-Left-Right and so on, you can keep your critical combo going for a very long time. Rolling doesn’t interrupt the combo, but whiffed attacks will. Getting hit doesn’t even slow you down, and striking shields still count as a hit.

Getting these weapons isn’t easy, but it isn’t incredibly difficult either. Here’s a step-by-step guide, explaining everything you need to know about the Scythe Claws.

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The Scythe Claws are a powerful dual-wielded weapon in the Bad Seed DLC. They’re exclusive, so you’ll need to buy the DLC before you can access them.

The Scythe Claws are a boss weapon that always drop from the Mama Tick boss, located in the Nest. While it isn’t 100% confirmed that the Scythe Claw blueprints always drop, it dropped for me and lots of other players are reporting it — so I’m going to say it happens every time after its first defeat.

The Scythe Claws will drop at any BC difficulty level, so you can get it at the lowest setting. You’ll need to unlock the Scythe Claws with cells at the Collector, just like every other weapon.

What makes the Scythe Claws special? They’re two weapons in one. The Left Claw is a quick upward vertical strike, while the Right Claw is a killer, slower horizontal slash. Combo them together, and you’ll get a Critical Hit every time — you must alternate attacks, and if you miss an attack or attack with the same claw twice, you’ll break the critical chain.

The Scythe Claws are a Survival weapon, so they’re a little cumbersome to learn, but they’re worth putting effort into. They’re ridiculously OP, and easily one of the best weapons in the game right now. You owe it to yourself to get them ASAP. If you need help locating the Nest or defeating the Mama Tick, just check the guides linked above.