10 Best Game Mods Of 2019 To Tweak Your Favorite Games In Weird Ways

Mods are the greatest joy of PC gaming, and modifying games in strange ways is an art form in 2019. It’s only natural — mods are just an extension of memetic online culture, and they’re only getting weirder (and more wonderful) with each passing year. Major developers might try to stamp out mod support, but PC players always find a way to alter games in new, mind-searing, hilarious ways.

Here’s a showcase of 20 amazing mods I’ve messed with that also came out in 2019 — some of these games might be old news, but the mods are brand new. Whether it’s Thomas the Tank Engine menacing players (in three different games, seriously) or unlocking the terrifying power of a playable shark in GTA5, these mods are the secret magic power of the PC.

Under each entry, you’ll find a link to download and installation instructions. Modding is both easier and trickier in 2019, so make sure to read those instructions carefully.

Mr. X Madness (Resident Evil 2)

The Resident Evil 2 remake is a resounding success for Capcom, and it just might be the best game in the series — part of that success rests on the massive shoulders of Mr. X. This hulking brute is unstoppable and terrifying, his heavy footsteps following you everywhere as you desperately try to navigate the zombie-infested police station.

And there are mods that make this giant freak even better. You can add some appropriate music whenever Mr. X appears — in the form of “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” by DMX, turn Mr. X into Thomas the Tank Engine, or remove Mr. X entirely to remove the biggest, scariest obstacle in the game.

Lightning Tomahawks, Tiny Men & Hot-Air Balloons (Red Dead Redemption 2)

Red Dead Redemption 2 doesn’t have official mod support from developer Rockstar Games, but that won’t stop fans from tearing the code apart and building a bunch of janky mods. For my money, the weirder the mods, the better — and there are some weird ways you can modify the game.

You can change the size of NPCs — or your character! You can make enemies so tiny, they can’t touch you. Or, you can make yourself so big you’re towering over everything else, and all your animations are fully psychics-modelled! You can also choose to ride high in a hot air balloon, giving you a controllable way to explore the skies. My favorite of the bunch is the lightning tomahawk — no, it doesn’t throw lightning. Instead, it summons a bolt of lightning to strike your enemies from the sky!

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