Leak May Have Revealed Red Dead Redemption 2 On Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has a number of big name developers working on the system which the Nintendo Wii U really lacked in. However, because developers need plenty of time to work on these games, some of the bigger titles which released the past year or two were not present on the latest Nintendo platform. One of those bigger titles was Red Dead Redemption 2, which can be argued that it’s too demanding to run on the Nintendo Switch, to begin with. However, a new ad leak from Target may have revealed that the game may be hitting the platform in the near future.

We’re not able to confirm anything as Rockstar nor Nintendo has made an announcement on the matter. The Target ad from Australia stated that the game would be available on the Nintendo Switch, this is an online advertisement which has since been taken down. This could very well just be a mistake on Target’s end so we’ll just have to label this as a rumor for now. However, the latest rumors coming from Nintendo could prove that a system is coming out which could handle more demanding titles.

In the past few weeks, there have been rumors going around that Nintendo is bringing out two new models for the Nintendo Switch. A cheaper model that would lack some of the functionality and will replace the Nintendo 3DS handheld would likely not run this game. However, an enhanced version which is said to be more powerful than the current Nintendo Switch platform may be perfect for this game along with others coming out.

These two Nintendo Switch models are just rumors for now as Nintendo will not comment on the matter. Instead, we will have to wait and see what Nintendo announces during their Nintendo Direct around the week of E3 this year.


Source: Nintendo Life