10 Best Game Mods Of 2019 To Tweak Your Favorite Games In Weird Ways

Jaws In San Andreas (GTAV)

This mod is so ridiculous, you’ll have to pay to play. Only available on JulioNIB’s Patreon (which only costs $1) — this mod doesn’t just let you transform into a massive man-eating shark, it also gives you special powers to use against the innocent citizens of San Andreas. Based off Jaws Unleashed, you can perform feats of super-shark action. It’s hilarious, ridiculous, and one of the weirdest mods available that actually does something cool in GTA5.

Aliens & Monsters (Monster Hunter: World)

The last over-the-top mod on our list comes from Monster Hunter: World, and adds a different iconic monster to the game. This mod adds the Alien Queen, dubbed the ‘Xeno’Morph Queen’ in-game, and turns it into the ultimate predator hunt. The Xeno’Morph replaces Xeno’Jiiva, a decidely alien-like monster. This mod just completes the package.

As a bonus, the same mod-maker released two more completely insane monster-model swaps — you’ll be able to fight the Lion King and Thomas the Tank Engine. I’m starting to sense a pattern this year.

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