10 Weirdest Easter Eggs Of 2019

Easter eggs continued to be just flat-out weird in 2019. If you’re not escaping from killer mannequins, you’re listening to lost conch shells or locating hidden secret societies with a very weird fixation on owls. Instead of listing the very best Easter eggs, this is all about the weirdest secrets of the year — from jumpscare monsters to hidden Hideo Kojima cameos, this is all about the strangest stuff we found in gaming.

My personal favorites are all about nostalgia — you can hear a parody of the infamous DK Rap, get a new version of the ‘I AM ERROR’ dialogue box, or track down recreations of mid-90ies CGI in Mortal Kombat 11. It’s all bizarre, unexplainable, and completely unnecessary — basically, everything I love about video games.

Killer Mannequins & Slenderman Scares (Black Ops 4)

Black Ops 4 might be the last main-line Call of Duty to include a Zombies survival mode, but this penultimate entry adds a whole lot of spooky stuff to the mix. Set on a nuclear weapon test range, the Alpha Omega map included some of the weirdest, creepiest Easter eggs yet — the mannequins called ADAMs can interact with the player in many, many ways. They can join you as a robotic companion, jumpscare you, or hunt you down like an angry mob.

The best Easter eggs turn ADAMs into a swarm of killing machines, or turn them into a Slenderman-like force that chase you down, slowly moving toward you when you’re not looking at them. You’ll have to shoot (or knife) all the heads off to make these ridiculous Easter eggs spawn. When you’re being chased by an endless army of the undead, that’s not an easy task.

Learn more about the many mannequin Easter eggs in Black Ops 4 here.

Jumpscare Monster Kills You Instantly (Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night)

There’s something spooky waiting in the haunted train, and it will only appear if you stare out a window for several unbroken minutes. This extremely hidden goo-monster jump-scares you for staring out a window long enough, and spawns into the world with a very unique ability — it kills your hero when you look at it. Now that’w what I call a frightening beast.

This ugly thing is so hard to find, and so difficult to kill when you do finally find it, it absolutely earns a spot on this list. Most players, like me, will immediately die when first encountering it — and we’re all just left wondering what happened.

Get all the details on this mysterious monster with our full guide here.

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