10 Most Impossibly Hard Secret Bosses Of 2019

We’re continuing on a theme — first we listed the best unlockable guns of 2019, then the best unlockable everything-else (levels, upgrades, costumes, etc) of 2019, and now we’re tackling a different sort of secrets. This is all about the most impossibly hard optional bosses of 2019! Whether they’re impossibly hard to beat or impossibly hard to find, these weird Easter eggs and hidden challenges all belong on our end-of-the-year list.

These are my personal favorite encounters of the year because they’re so surprising. And they’re all available for anyone to play in singleplayer. Awesome multiplayer PvE enemies like Destiny 2 raid bosses won’t appear on this list, even if they’re extremely difficult. This is all about the weirdest Easter eggs you can unlock — if the boss is at least slightly secret, it belongs on this list.

With the introduction out of the way, let’s strap in for the 10 best secret bosses of 2019.

The Psychiatrist (Katana ZERO)

One of the wildest Easter eggs in 2019 is hidden in Katana ZERO — a shockingly good indie game where you play as a psychic samurai, clearing out rooms of bad guys. Between missions, you’ll visit a spooky therapist that gives you your orders. If you choose to antagonize this creep every chance you get, you’ll get a very different encounter near the end of the game.

The therapist injects himself with psychoactive drugs, becoming an unstoppable psychic monster that grows into one of the most bizarre and terrifying monsters I’ve seen all year. The fight itself is crushingly difficult, requiring perfection as you dodge his fleshy syringes and killer brains.

Evil Wizard B.J. Blazkowics (Wolfenstein: Youngblood)

The Wolfenstein reboot games all feature remixed versions of the original Wolfenstein 3D — but Wolfenstein: Youngblood goes further than ever with a ridiculous evil wizard version of B.J. Blazkowics. Seeing as the Wolfenstein: New Order series takes place in a universe dominated by Nazis, they’re made their own version of the retro FPS game featuring ‘Terror Billy’ in a ridiculous robe.

Why the robe? The original Wolf 3D featured the ‘Fake Hitler’ enemy near the end of the game. Fake Hitler used a robe and launched magic projectiles — referencing the occult history of the Third Reich. Now everything is flipped, and you’ll see B.J.’s hilariously square jaw on the evil wizard robes.

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