Fortnite: Chapter 2 – The Mythic Goldfish Is Real And It Deals Massive Damage | Secret Weapon Guide

There are many secrets hidden in Fortnite: Chapter 2. We’ve gone on tour of the new Chapter 2 map, and even checked out a ton of Chapter 2 Easter eggs, but here’s one secret nobody found until just recently — the Mythic Goldfish.

The Mythic Goldfish is a ridiculous, shiny weapon that you can throw to deal massive damage. It instantly smashes structures, and dishes out a clean 90 damage to anyone it touches. That’s a lot of pain for such a tiny gold statue. It’s also incredibly rare — like, so rare that leakers found this item early, but didn’t believe it was actually available in the game yet. It’s really, really rare.

But it’s also awesome, so we’re going to talk about the Mythic Goldfish and what it can do below.

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How To Find The Mythic Goldfish | Secret Weapon Guide

Getting splattered by the Mythic Goldfish isn’t just hilarious — it also nets you an achievement. This super-rare drop is found by fishing anywhere in the water. It’s just so insanely rare, almost no players have found it until now. Do your chances improve when fishing at the swirling fishing spots? I have no idea, but it couldn’t hurt.

The Mythic Goldfish is a golden fish trophy. It works just like the can from earlier seasons — you can throw it, and then pick it up again. Unlike the can, the Mythic Goldfish does massive damage. A successful hit does 90 damage, and it can blast through structures instantly with a single throw.

There are achievements for fishing out a Mythic Goldfish, for eliminating a player with the Mythic Goldfish, or getting eliminated yourself with a Mythic Goldfish. That’s three achievements, all for this weird little fish.