Apex Legends: How To Unlock Secret Vaults & Collect Rare Loot | Vault Key Locations Guide

The vault doors look like this!

Season 3 of Apex Legends has landed, introducing an entirely new map to the hero-based Battle Royale shooter. You’ll find new locations to master, and a few out-of-the-way mineshafts containing vault entrances. These vaults are full of legendary loot, and there’s only one way to unlock them. We’ve got all the details below.

You’ll find new weapons and a new hero to play around with in Season 3 — thought like the other heroes, you’ll have to unlock him. The Vaults are linked to the new Cargo Bots — or as I call them, the Loot Drones. Shoot down these flashing drones to drop a color-changing container. With the right timing, you can get purple or yellow loot. If you’re really lucky, you just might get a Vault Key.

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How To Unlock Secret Vaults & Collect Rare Loot | Vault Key Locations Guide

There are three hidden Loot Vaults on the new World’s Edge map. These vaults are filled with precious high-tier loot, but the only way to open them is with special Vault Keys.

Vault Keys can be obtained by shooting down Loot Drones. Loot Drones (or Cargo Bots) are floating robots that carry flashing orbs. If you find a key, the location will appear on your map.

The vaults are located in the caves marked here.

The keys are a rare drop — it seems the chances are much better when aiming for Gold / Yellow Orbs, but some players report keys dropping with Purple Orbs. Wait for the orb to flash blue, then start shooting — it’ll turn yellow right after.

Even though the Vaults appear on your map when you’ve got a key, it helps to know where to find those vaults ahead of time. With that in mind, check the locations marked on our map for all three locations.

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