Apex Legends Wins Reader’s Choice Best Game of the Month for February 2019


Earlier this month, the PlayStation Blog put out a poll asking their readers which new title that was released in February should win the best game, and the voters have spoken!

The winner is Respawn’s newest battle royale free-to-play title Apex Legends. There was a lot of competition in the month of February, however, Apex Legends took the gaming community by storm. They were hitting crazy player counts within the first week, so there is really nos surprise that they won!

Justin Massongill Social Media Manager at SIEA congratulated the Respawn team on being the fan-voted best title of the month of February 2019, check it out down below:

It was a fierce competition among the multitude of games that dropped in February, but early entrant Apex Legends has emerged as your champion.

This tightly built evolution of the battle royale formula won the hearts of players worldwide with its smart, accessible approach to team communication, its colorful roster of playable Legends, and, obviously, the sliding.

Congratulations, Respawn! Bask in the glory of this victory — you’ve earned it.

March is a pretty big month for games as well; we got to see Capcom’s latest entry in the DMC franchise, Devil May Cry 5, Ubisoft is releasing the highly anticipated looter shooter sequel The Division 2, and FromSoftware’s releasing another extremely brutal and difficult game onto the gaming community.

Which title is going to reign supreme in the month of March? Let us know your predictions down below!

Source: PS Blog