Borderlands 3: How To Get New Vehicles & Vehicle Upgrades | Hijacking Guide

Vehicles are even more important in Borderlands 3. Instead of simply unlocking new rides as you progress, you can now upgrade your vehicles with a variety of different parts that can completely change how they function.

You can add rocket launchers to Outrunners, or my favorite so far — a hover-cycle alternate driving mode. When you see some enemy jerk in a vehicle you’ve never seen before, or with a feature you don’t have yet, you’ll just have to go take those upgrades for yourself. No cash required. All you need is an eagle-eye and a little exploration.

To unlock new upgrades, you just need to use the new ‘Hijacking’ feature. It’s simple, it’s straightforward, and there are still some upgrades you can miss. For all the details, catch-a-ride with the complete guide below.

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How To Get New Vehicles & Vehicle Upgrades | Hijacking Guide

Vehicles get a massive upgrade in Borderlands 3 — you can customize them in a variety of ways. You can add different guns, add secondary guns, or swap out the wheels. There’s a lot you can do with your cars, and you can make these weapons of vehicular war even more powerful with upgrades.

There are two ways to find upgrades in Borderlands 3. Unlike everything else in the game, it’s actually not-so-random. No loot drops required here, and vehicle upgrades don’t have rarity. All you need is a good set of eyes to spot enemy vehicles with new parts you don’t yet have.

While driving around new areas, check out everything you can and look at the enemy vehicles. If they have tires you don’t have, weapons, or any other parts — you’ll want to hijack them. Get out on foot and steal those cars, then drive them down to the closest Catch-A-Ride station. You’ll unlock the vehicle upgrade part for yourself!

You can also get exclusive upgrades by completing Ellie’s Crew Challenge. Check your map and swap to the Crew Challenges money — some zones have Vehicles you can steal. These vehicles are usually locked in an enclosed location, but they’re also very easy to find just by driving around and filling out your map. When a purple car appear inside a bandit camp in your mini-map, you can be sure that there’s a Crew Challenge car inside. Shoot up the place, open the gate, and return those suckers to Ellie.

There are tons of vehicle upgrades, but you’ll mostly find them when exploring new areas. Whenever you reach a new zone, make sure to watch the enemy vehicles carefully before simply blowing them to bits. There are useful parts you might be missing out on!