20 Minutes Gameplay Footage From The Outer Worlds Emerges Online

If you were fortunate enough to attend the Tokyo Game Show event this year then you would have gotten the chance to try out a nice assortment of video game titles. One of those anticipated games that were available for demoing was The Outer Worlds, a game being developed by Obsidian Entertainment, the fine folks who brought out the popular Fallout: New Vegas video game last generation. Now that the focus is on this new RPG experience, fans have been interested in seeing how the gameplay will handle when it’s not cut and edited by the folks behind the game itself. 

It’s always nice to see demo footage showcased online from gamers likely trying it out for the very first time. This video, while holds 20 minutes of footage, doesn’t include several dialogue scenes so it’s a bit of give and take here. But, with that said, if you’re wanting an early look at the game before it launches next month then this should give you a pretty decent insight of the gameplay. 

This game follows a world that features an alternate future from our own. Players find themselves waking up from cryosleep where your ship lands on a colony in space and it’s your job to figure out what’s going on. From the footage trailers showcased so far, we know that this game will feature plenty of choice and consequence situation throughout the narrative. We don’t have too much of wait on our hands either for The Outer Worlds as its set to launch on October 25, 2019, for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

With that said, the Nintendo Switch platform is slated to receive a version of the game at a later date and speaking of later dates, we may see this game turn into a series in the future. Recent comments have suggested that the development team is already sitting on plenty of content and lore to flesh The Outer Worlds into several video game titles.

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Source: VG247