Tales Of Arise Receives TGS 2019 Trailer

After its last release of Tales Berseria first hit the market back in 2016, a new installment to the Tales game is coming next year. Bandai Namco Entertainment is working on the next action RPG Tales of Arise at the moment for current-generation platforms. If you’re familiar with the Tales games, there’s a number of installments available but they are not always connected, for instance, the previous installment could be enjoyed without having played any of the previous installments which will be the case for this upcoming title. 

Tales of Arise doesn’t have a ton of information out right now, but we do know that the story will follow two characters from two completely different worlds, Dahna and Rena. One of the worlds has been fortunate enough to be built up with advanced technology while the other lives in a time that feels similar to the medieval era. As a result, the advanced world of Rena is able to take control of Dahna and force those that inhabit the world into slavery. 

While we may still have to wait for the more fine details about the game along with any new updates or mechanic changes, a new trailer debuted during the Tokyo Game Show 2019. You can check out the new trailer above which features the two protagonists that set to be featured within the game. Furthermore, we know that the game will feature Astral Energy which powers life and these two characters use the energy in different ways which are touche on with the trailer.

Unfortunately, we’re still having to wait for a specific release date, but Tales of Arise is still slated for a 2020 release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. 

Source: Gematsu