Capcom Producer Defends The Upcoming Project Resistance Video Game

When it comes to Resident Evil, the franchise has a massive following since its initial video game release on the original PlayStation. Since then the series has plenty of ups and downs, but that doesn’t stop them from attempting to ventures and avenues for the series. One of the latest is the upcoming spin-off Project Resistance, a game that is played as a 4v1 multiplayer survival horror and it’s received quite a few criticisms online. To help defend their decisions, Capcom producer, Matt Walker, takes to Twitter and sends out his overall thoughts. 

As we mentioned, Resident Evil has been around since the original PlayStation and over all those years, Capcom has made several main installment releases, spin-offs and even some what-if type of games like Resident Evil Gaiden. However, the past two installments made things a bit more original and old school with the survival-horror release of Resident Evil 7 along with the remake of Resident Evil 2.

Fans were pleading with Capcom to keep this same trend going with the hopeful launch of a Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake, but that wasn’t going to be the case with Project Resistance. When the name came out for a new Resident Evil project fans started to speculate that we may get a new Resident Evil mainline game, a remake or even a title that could follow the short-lived Outbreak series. 

What we got was instead was a new multiplayer-focused game that put players into a 4v1 match. Four players are tasked with escaping and defeating a series of monsters that the opposing player has laid ahead of them to deal with. It’s a unique look at the series and one that Capcom producer Matt Walker hopes fans take the time and try out.

Much like how we stated about, this is a new way from Capcom to branch out and try something new according to Matt Walker. Not only will fans get something unique to try but there is the ability from Capcom’s end to at least venture off into a new direction after delivering two classic survival-horror titles back-to-back. Just when we’ll get the ability to play this game remains up in the air as it’s still very much in development. 

Source: Twitter