Fire Emblem: Three Houses – The Best (& Easiest) Students To Recruit

Recruitment is hard work in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. You’ll have to give a ton of gifts to get those strangers up to Support-B, or you’ll have to learn all the skills they like as a teacher. If you’re not aiming for anyone in particular and just want to have more students in your classroom, here’s a quick list of all the characters that are worth recruiting, and all the characters that are actually really easy to recruit.

Byleth, the Avatar, has two major focuses — swords, and faith. They’re good at both, and you’ll quickly rank up these two goals if you’re using certain classes, or just learning from teachers around the monastery. That means that any characters with faith, strength, swords, or other abilities are instantly (and easily) unlockable for your hero.

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The Best (& Easiest) Students To Recruit

Recruiting Students can be difficult — you need to increase your skills that match a student’s interests. If you’re following Byleth’s default path, that can be tricky. Thankfully, there are lots of students you can basically recruit for free as the story progresses.

If you’re struggling to recruit, try using the Support-B brute force recruitment method detailed on our guide here.

Here, we’re going to list all the students you can recruit that you can get with almost no effort — or they’re absolutely worth seeking out.

Felix: Basically a free recruit. If you use swords, Felix will join you. He’s also one of the best choices for Swordmaster in the game — along with Byleth.

Lysithea / Lynhardt: Both are extremely useful Faith characters, and both can unlock the Warp spell — one of the most useful assist spells in the game. Get one or both of these characters!

Dorothea: One of the most powerful dark mages in the game. She can use Siege Tomes once she unlocks the Advanced Classes, making her a deadly opponent at extreme range.

Leonie / Ferdinand: These characters are a little trickier to unlock, but both are amazing mounted heroes. If you want instant cavalry or heavy armor classes, aim to recruit these two.

Lorenz: Another tricky unlock — but, Lorenz can become an extremely powerful Dark Knight.

There are so many students, it’s hard to pick just a handful! These are all the best choices we’ve found so far, and we’ll share more as we dig deeper into Fire Emblem: Three Houses.