Fire Emblem: Three Houses – How To Defeat Giant Monsters | Battle Guide

Giant Monsters are the boss battles of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. They’re a completely new addition, with their own unique quicks and challenges. Taking down Giant Monsters is one of the most difficult tasks you’ll face, so let’s discuss some of the best strategies for defeating them. There are many different Giant Monsters, but they all (essentially) follow the same pattern.

You’ll begin encountering Giant Monsters pretty far into the story. In a surprise mission against a thief, you’ll have to do battle with a Demonic Giant Monster.

It takes your group by surprise, and Sothis explains everything you need to know — Giant Monsters have multiple health bars, they can be stunned for a turn, and they can deliver deadly attacks that hit multiple characters at once. Handling multiple Giant Monsters can be overwhelming, but there are ways to prepare yourself for future Giant Monster battles.

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How To Defeat Giant Monsters | Battle Guide

Giant Monsters are very different from standard enemies. They take up four spaces on the map, they have multiple health bars, and they’re overwhelming powerful. To defeat a Giant Monster, you need strategy. Here’s how to beat them, with a few tips you’ll want to know for handling unique Giant Monster types.

You Can Stun Giant Monsters By Breaking Their Shields

Giant Monsters will counter-attack every time your units attack them. They have four shield blocks that give them enhanced damage resistance against all types of attacks, and they can unleash massive area-of-effect attacks every turn.

To stop a Giant Monster for a full turn, you need to break their shields. Each Giant Monster has four shield blocks. Breaking one of these blocks will stun it. It won’t perform counter-attacks while it is stunned, but it will recover after the turn is over.

You Can Change A Giant Monster’s Attack Target With Gambits

You can change a Giant Monster’s target by attacking them with a Gambit. Using a Gambit will automatically divert attention on the monster, making it (attempt) to attack you. The Giant Monster will always attempt to attack with an Area-of-Effect attack, so try to attack from an angle facing away from your main force.

One of the best things you can do is use a horse-rider. Cavaliers can use a gambit to divert attention, then move out of range in the same turn.

Stop Giant Monster Counter-Attacks With High Physical Defense Units

Most Giant Monsters use Physical Attacks, so Fortress Knights, Armored Knights, or anyone with extremely high Physical Defense can easily absorb the attack. Use them to perform a Gambit to change the Giant Monster’s target to your highest defense heroes.

Don’t Break The Four Shields On Giant Monsters Too Quickly

Each Giant Monster only has four shield blocks, but they might have three or more health bars. You’ll want to stun the Giant Monsters every chance you get, so avoid using Gambits will that break multiple shield blocks at once.

You’ll want to carefully break each shield block to stun the monster as many times as possible. Breaking two blocks in the same turn is useless — you’ll just lose a turn of stun in the future. Once a shield block is broken, you’ll be able to do full damage on that block when attacking for the rest of the battle.

Flying Giant Monsters Are Very Weak To Arrows

Like any other flying enemy, flying Giant Monsters are extremely weak to arrow attacks. I recommend equipping students, even those with terrible bow skills, with bows just to slam flying Giant Monsters even harder. Even weaker bows can take off any entire health bar in a single hit. Even when they’re shielded!

Purchase Weapons That Do More Damage To Giant Monsters

Check the store for anti-Giant Monster weapons. Like weapons that are good against heavy armor or flying enemies, you can also purchase and equip weapons that are specifically more powerful against Giant Monsters. I recommend picking them up ASAP and keeping them in your inventory for a rainy day.

That’s all the Giant Monster tips we’ve got so far. We’ll add more as new strategies are developed!