Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS): How To Unlock Every Secret Unit | Easter Eggs Guide

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (or TABS) is a deeply silly game, and you can make it even sillier with these bonus Easter egg units. To unlock new hidden units, you just need to find their weapons on the map. These weapons are pretty well-hidden, and the units they unlock are some of the most powerful / expensive in the entire game.

If you’re looking for massive Ice Giants that blast enemies away with a never-ending series of shockwaves, cheer leaders that buff your units to make them attack even faster, or dragons on wheelbarrows, you’ll find them all below. Secret stuff is always awesome in games, and it’s especially awesome when it’s actually worth unlocking. Check the quick guide below for all the locations you need to know about.

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How To Unlock Every Secret Unit | Easter Eggs Guide

To find new units, you need to locate their weapons hidden in certain levels. You’ll need to activate Freelook and move the camera around yourself — press [F] to unlock freeroam and you’ll be able to find these hidden weapons. Keep your camera next to the weapon for a bit to unlock them.


  • Level: Medieval 1
  • Cost: 350

This heavy-duty axe-wielding unit is unlocked by finding his axe. It’s embedded in a tree trunk — more specifically, a stump.

Mace Spinner:

  • Level: Medieval 2
  • Cost: 500

Spins around with a pair of maces — and when buffed by cheer leaders, becomes a wild tornado! Find it in one of the tower spires. Use freelook to fly through the open tower window and down inside. The maces are surrounded by birds.


  • Level: Ancient 1
  • Cost: 5500

A unit that shoots a crazy amount of arrows with double bows. Find it on the lighthouse, at the top along the railings.

Samurai Giant:

  • Level: Dynasty
  • Cost: 3000

Fly down the square-shaped well to find the giant samurai’s huge katana sticking out of the underside of the well. The Samurai Giant is — well — a giant Samurai with a crazy-huge sword.

Fan Bearer:

  • Level: Ancient Sandbox
  • Cost: 200

A simpler unit that blows enemies away with fans instead of destroying them outright. Find the fan resting against a small shrine, near the edge of the island, by some stairs.

The Teacher:

  • Level: Ancient 2
  • Cost: 300

A well-trained swordsman. Find his weapon in the open temple with a statue of the Thinker inside.

Ice Giant:

  • Level: Viking 1
  • Cost: 6000

Find the massive skull on the edge of the map, near the cracked ice-covered lake. It’s in the forest along the shore. The Ice Giant is the most expensive units, and sends groups of enemies flying with his explosive shockwave attacks.


  • Level: Dynasty
  • Cost: 3000

A fast-throwing ninja star unit, you can find his shuriken on the roof of the building right in the middle of the map — where the red and blue lines meet.

Wheelbarrow Dragon:

  • Level: Farmer 1
  • Cost: 1600

Here’s a weird unit. You’ll find the dragon’s head nestled behind rocks on the edge of the map. Instead of a living, breathing, flying dragon — this dragon is in a wheelbarrow that gets pushed around. Kind of like a mobile flamethrower.

Tree Giant:

  • Level: Medieval 1
  • Cost: 4000

A giant that swings a big tree around as a weapon. Find their tree — it’s a small-ish tree on the edge of the map, near a cliff above the water.

Cheer Leader:

  • Level: Tribal 1
  • Cost: 1000

This handy unit makes nearby units attack faster, giving special bonus effects to some. Find the cheer leader’s pair of pom-poms on the very edge of the map, on the red side of the red / blue border.


  • Level: Dynasty
  • Cost: 2000

Stuck in a tree on the cliffs below the center dividing line of the map. The Shogun is a powerful samurai-like unit that cuts down enemies with ease.