Days Gone: All RIP Sermon Collectibles Locations | ‘Broken Roadshow’ Map

Early in your Days Gone post-apocalyptic adventures, you’ll encounter the psychotic cult called RIP. These freak worshippers are a constant thorn in your side for most of the game’s main story. They aren’t just an annoying, ugly nuisance — they’re also noisy. Wherever you encounter the Rippers, you’ll also find creepy loudspeakers spouting off weird sermons.

There are 13 of these weird sermons strewn about the Oregon countryside. If you manage to find (and disable) all 13, you’ll unlock the ‘Broken Roadshow’ achievement / trophy. You’ll also be doing the world a favor.

Keep scrolling to find a complete map of all 13 locations. Just follow the green pointers to each location, and you’ll easily be able to track down these collectibles to complete your collection.

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All RIP Sermon Locations | ‘Broken Roadshow’ Map

To unlock the ‘Broken Roadshow’ achievement / trophy, you’ll need to find all 13 RIP Sermon locations. RIP Sermons are strange tableaus created by the Ripper cult — listen for the loudspeaker with the sermon playing.

You don’t need to actually listen to the entire sermon. Just smash the edifice (or just interact with it) to earn the collectible.

RIP Sermons Map

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Original Map Source: [u/Nanetillo]