Devil May Cry 5: All Blue & Purple Orb Fragment Locations | Collectibles Guide

It helps to have as much HP and Devil Gauge as possible in Devil May Cry 5 — the more health you have, the longer you’ll survive as you slice-and-dice through hordes of demonic enemies. Capcom’s previously dormant series has returned with all the fanfare it deserves, and we’re going to cover every aspect of this game. First up, we’re tackling the collectibles. There are two types of collectibles that give your characters a permanent upgrade — Blue Orbs and Purple Orbs.

You can purchase Blue Orbs or Purple Orbs from the shop for a stack of in-game currency called Red Orbs, or you can unlock free upgrades for yourself by finding hidden collectible fragments. For every four fragments you find, you’ll gain a health (or Devil meter) upgrade. It’s kind of like Legend of Zelda’s heart containers, only more demonic. Don’t miss out on any of these suckers.

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All Blue & Purple Orb Fragment Locations | Collectibles Guide


Blue and Purple Orb Fragments increase your health and Devil gauges. After finding four fragments, the pieces will combine and give you a meter upgrade.

Mission 01

  • Blue Orb Fragment #1: On the destroyed bridge, run through the traffic and drop down to the lower level. Turn around to spot the blue orb near an enemy.

Mission 02

  • Blue Orb Fragment #2: Near the Nidhogg Hatchling found in the interior room, look for a blackened floor nearby. Smash through the floor and you’ll drop into a hidden room.
  • Blue Orb Fragment #3: Secret Mission 01 reward. Find the secret mission after placing the hatchling. Ahead, you’ll enter a room with a Secret Mission tutorial. The secret mission image is imprinted on the wall in the room.
  • Blue Orb Fragment #4: Back out on the streets, check the back-right corner down the road from the hatchling barrier. There’s a cracked wall that leads into a small interior room with this fragment.

Mission 03

  • Blue Orb Fragment #5: After swinging across the rooftops and triggering the cutscene, look behind the raised area of the rooftop to spot this hidden orb.
  • Blue Orb Fragment #6: Secret Mission 02 reward. In the underground, drop down to the bottom floor of the stairwell and step into the doorway. From here, look up at the stairs.
  • Blue Orb Fragment #7: In the same stairwell as the secret mission, climb all the way to the top and grapple up through the hole above.

Mission 04

  • Purple Orb Fragment #1: On the train tracks, travel up to the open doors on the right to spot this fragment.
  • Blue Orb Fragment #8: Leaving the tracks, you’ll go through a warehouse and fight enemies on the street. After awakening an ally, you’ll smash through the brick building in the center when you summon Nightmare, revealing the blue orb. Climb up into the destroyed building to grab it.
  • Blue Orb Fragment #9: Grab a Nidhogg hatchling from the alley behind the destroyed building (with the previous fragment) then follow the main path. Use the hatchling on the barrier ahead to make this fragment available.
  • Blue Orb Fragment #10: Secret Mission 03 reward. After using a hatchling, you’ll enter a small interior and exit through a broken wall. Stop at the broken wall and look straight ahead to enter the Secret Mission. This is right as you hear the demon telling you to hurry up.

Mission 05

  • Blue Orb Fragment #11: In the warehouse, after crossing the tin roof over the containers, you’ll drop down ahead. Turn around and enter the narrow passage that leads to a room with this fragment.
  • Blue Orb Fragment #12: Secret Mission 04 reward. In the warehouse, summon your giant friend to smash through the barrier past the containers. Climb the yellow stairs with red orbs to reach the Secret Mission spot, and look slightly down / left to spot the symbol.
  • Purple Orb Fragment #2: Deeper inside the warehouse, if you’re following the path from the secret mission, you’ll leave a hallway and enter a larger chamber with containers you can jump up on the left. Go up, and turn around to spot the purple orb. You’ll need to glide across to reach it.

Mission 08

  • Blue Orb Fragment #13: Purchase Gerbera for Nero at the customization statue. Straight ahead from the Divine Statue, you’ll spot the Blue Orb Fragment in the distance — keep using the special ability to launch yourself across the big.
  • Blue Orb Fragment #14: Secret Mission 05 reward. At the second lava lift, ride up and look for an optional platform on the right. Jump off the lift, and then grapple up to an optional room. The Secret Mission marker is in the center. The symbol is above you.
  • Blue Orb Fragment #15: At the third creepy exit portal, look behind it and kill the tentacle to make the blue fragment appear.

Mission 09

  • Blue Orb Fragment #16: Near the start, look to the left of the main path. There’s an area blocked by vines — summon your big guy to destroy the source, and make this fragment accessible.
  • Blue Orb Fragment #17: Secret Mission 06 reward. After clearing the vines in the Blue Orb Fragment area, climb up the platforms and turn toward the entrance door.
  • Purple Orb Fragment #3: In the underground interior chamber, look for a wooden barrier to the left after dropping down a hole. Awaken your giant to break through the barrier and reveal a room with this Purple fragment. It appears after clearing the enemy encounter.
  • Blue Orb Fragment #18: Past the previous collectible, reach the narrow path with stone platforms you can climb next to the dungeon exit. Jump up these platforms to find a hidden Blue Orb fragment.

Mission 10

  • Blue Orb Fragment #19: Go through the second pulsating door, up the tube and look to the left at the exit to find this fragment.
  • Purple Orb Fragment #4: From the pulsating door chamber, continue forward — instead of going left, look right for a hidden passage you can jump into. Defeat the enemies in the chamber ahead to make a Purple Orb fragment spawn.
  • Blue Orb Fragment #20: Secret Mission 07 reward. Go through the third pulsating door and follow the path to the end. There’s a Secret Mission marker in the dead end room. Look to the ceiling.

Mission 11

  • Blue Orb Fragment #21: Secret Mission 08 reward. Early in the mission, you’ll lower a section of the building after breaking a vine source. Instead of going down, go back up and jump into the new room that’s accessible above you. Look straight forward at the Secret Mission marker.
  • Blue Orb Fragment #22: After lowering the building and revealing the Secret Mission, drop down into the room below, turn around, and attack the red bulbs to reveal another room with this Blue Orb fragment.
  • Purple Orb Fragment #5: From the streets, jump through the ruins to the circular room. The Purple Fragment is up and straight ahead — don’t jump down to the left before you grab it. You’ll need to avoid smashing the circular roof arena.

Mission 12

  • Purple Orb Fragment #6: From the statue courtyard, go left and follow the passage up. Through the first blood clot doorway, go right to discover the fragment.
  • Blue Orb Fragment #23: After busting open the second blood clot bulb that covers Dante in blood and triggers a cutscene, go through the opening and jump up to the right.
  • Blue Orb Fragment #24: Secret Mission 09 reward. Once you unlock the secret path at the statue courtyard, drop down and climb the steps ahead. Turn around at the top of the steps to spot an optional ledge with the Secret Mission marker. You’ll need Trickster Style equipped to reach it.

Mission 14

  • Blue Orb Fragment #25: Rescue Griffon, and then return to the hub. Climb the rocky spires to collect this hard-to-reach fragment. You’ll need to glide and teleport to get it.
  • Purple Orb Fragment #7: Destroy the first blood clot that triggers a cutscene, then backtrack slightly to the alternate path. There’s a very easy-to-miss hole you can drop into after the cutscene here.
  • Blue Orb Fragment #26: Secret Mission 10 reward. Down a pathway, look to the left for the second blood clot vine source. Destroy the bulbs to clear the vine, then continue past the bulbs to find a hidden Secret Mission marker.

Mission 15

  • Blue Orb Fragment #27: Secret Mission 11 reward. At the first customization statue, get the Gerbera (or use the Punchline) and equip it. Go past the statue, then go left, using the Gerbera special ability to stay airborne and climb the slippery slopes. Climb up three steep slopes to find the Secret Mission marker.
  • Blue Orb Fragment #28: Near the Secret Mission marker, before sliding back down, look across for another steep slope. Jump to it and climb up using the Gerbera to reach the fragment at the top.
  • Blue Orb Fragment #29: Go left from the second customization statue, then grapple up after stepping on the plate. Follow this path around and up to a Blue Orb fragment.

Mission 16

  • Blue Orb Fragment #30: At the bottom of the fourth long vertical shaft, you’ll find a gap that leads to the Blue Fragment. Equip Trickster to cross over and reach the Blue Orb. It’s at the bottom of the optional shaft — reachable by jumping into the tunnel at the top of the third shaft, after the second battle. Checkpoint and you can return to the third shaft.
  • Blue Orb Fragment #31: Secret Mission 12 reward. In the fourth vertical shaft (accessible by dropping straight down the third shaft) look for a platform with a red orb tree — there’s an entrance to an optional path here. Look for an alcove below in the next room. That’s where you’ll find the Secret Mission marker.
  • Purple Orb Fragment #8: In the fourth vertical shaft (down from the third, ignore the secret mission shaft) look on a tiny ledge. Carefully drop down and you’ll spot it.

Mission 18

  • Blue Orb Fragment #32: Appears after defeating the three Red Empusa enemies, past the Panther battle. Defeat all three to make it appear.