Crackdown 3: How To Unlock All 15 Characters | Agent Orb Locations Guide

In Crackdown 3, you can choose which agent to play. Each agent has a unique look and specific stats that make them better than everyone else. Some are better at shooting, while others have improved driving or faster strength gains. There are 21 agents total — you only start with six, but there are fifteen more waiting to be rescued in the corporate ruins of the island.

There’s an achievement to unlock for getting all 15, and you’ll enjoy a lot more variety when playing with friends in online coop. There’s a tiny blurb from the chief describing each of your unlocked agents, and some of them are pretty useful. They’re all (essentially) superhero meatheads, both of the male and female variety, but you just might discover a new favorite in the bunch. Check out all the locations listed below.

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How To Unlock All 15 Characters | Agent Orb Locations Guide


Each of the unlockable agents carries special enhancements that are unique to them. These orbs are available at any point in the game, and you can begin collecting them right from the start.

  • Agent #1: Sulphur Spits – At the top of the dirt mound in the center of the zone.
  • Agent #2: Ashwood Marina – Found on one of the glowing red structures near the shore.
  • Agent #3: Ashwood Marina – On the giant overhang above the race track bleachers.
  • Agent #4: The Exchange – On a rooftop in the southwest corner.
  • Agent #5: Dumping Grounds – Under a greenhouse-like dome along the shore.
  • Agent #6: Oasis Precinct – Found by the highway tunnel.
  • Agent #7: Picker’s Pen – On the eastern side, next to the ‘Bootleg Bargains’ store.
  • Agent #8: The Refinery – Inside the giant statue on the tall pavilion.
  • Agent #9: Ashwood Marina – Found on the toxic island in the middle of the small lake bordering the race track.
  • Agent #10: The Vision – Climb the tallest building, then look for a smaller structure you can drop down to from above that’s impossible to scale.
  • Agent #11: Southern Heights – On a tall building on the west side of the zone. Again, climb the tall Media Center building, then jump to the smaller rooftop from above.
  • Agent #12: Southern Heights – Spawn at the Supply Point and look on the shore, past the bridge.
  • Agent #13: Founder’s Footsteps – East of the Exchange Station, on the eastern shore.
  • Agent #14: Khan’s Scar – On the tall southwestern edge of the massive base facing the ocean.
  • Agent #15: New Pantheon – At the Terranova HQ Supply Point, turn left and look down to spot the building far below. Drop and cushion your fall with double-jumps, you’ll find the DNA there.

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