Crackdown 3: How To Get The 3 Best Guns Early | Beginner’s Guide

Crackdown 3 is all about mass destruction and plowing through armies of enemies with your super-enhanced agent. Normally, it takes awhile before you can get some of the biggest, baddest hardware for your arsenal — unless you know exactly where to look. It’s possible to grab some end-game guns right at the start of your adventure.

Every enemy in the game carries a weapon, and when you’ve downed them, you’ll be able to grab those weapons for yourself. Naturally, enemies get tougher in higher-security zones, so you won’t be able to beat them easily from the beginning. Instead, you’ll need to find spawn points for these weapons. Just like regular bad-guy-wielded weaponry, these guns will also permanently enter your inventory after collecting them once.

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How To Get The 3 Best Guns Early | Beginner’s Guide

[These locations were shared by Make91Productions on YouTube. You can check out the full video here.]


For the safest mode of travel, grab a car and stick to the main roads. If you’re travelling on foot, you can get spotted by enemies and shot to pieces pretty quickly in certain areas.

  • Mass Driver Location: Dumping Grounds – Just north of the covered road in the center of the zone, between two billboard signs.
  • Homing Rocket Location: Picker’s Pen, Containment Site – Found in the dumping site base, under the open containers bordering the Dumping Grounds zone.
  • Decimator: Picker’s Pen, Bootleg’s Bargain – On the east side of Picker’s Pen, in the floating shanty town, behind the bargain store.

The Mass Driver is an explosive chemical weapon, the homing rocket launcher is exactly what you think, and the Decimator is a special rocket launcher that fires 16 mini-missiles. You can tag enemies multiple times to fire all 16 missiles into multiple (or a single) enemy.

All of these weapons spawn in multiple locations, but these are some of the easiest spots you’ll be able to reach, even from the start of the game.