DUSK: Use These Old-School Cheat Codes To Toggle God Mode & More | Cheats Guide

Old-school shooters are pretty hot right now, but none of them compare to the retro majesty of DUSK — a game that looks, sounds, and feels like something straight out of the Quake era of FPS. This awesome, drugged-out maniac shoots gives you two shotguns and an army of backwoods cultists to battle right from the start, and only gets stranger from there.

And like any self-respecting old-school shooter, there are cheat codes. The cheat codes work just like another retro classic — Doom. Instead of opening a console window and entering the cheat, all you have to do is type it into your keyboard. All the cheat codes that are known (so far) are listed below. You’ll be able to turn on God Mode, refill your health / ammo, get all weapons, or activate just about any power-up. It’s all the classic codes, and they’re pretty similar to those Doom engine cheats from yesteryear.

Cheat Codes List

To activate a cheat, type it on the keyboard. No console / input window necessary. Use cheats at your own risk — some cheats can’t be de-toggled, and may require a restart to reset. Cheats won’t effect your save file, and you can still unlock achievements / trophies with cheats active.

  • nbdeity – Toggles God Mode.
  • nbkfa – Full health, all weapons, full ammo and all keys.
  • nbshooters – Gives all weapon.
  • nbdeathless – Full health and armor.
  • nbkeys – Gives all three Keys.
  • nbponcho – Gives the Hazmat Suit powerup for 5 minutes.
  • nbreflect – Activates Mirror Mode. Can’t be deactivated.
  • nbfastfingers – Activates the Double Fire Speed Power-up permanently.
  • nbregularfingers – Deactivates the Double Fire Speed Power-up.
  • nbgotta – Toggles Double Move-Speed powerup.
  • nbhot – Gives the Time Freeze powerup for 5 minutes. (Projectiles / Enemies move when you do.)
  • nbspoder – Gives the Climbing Tools powerup for 5 minutes.
  • nbfrog – Slightly increases jump height. Increases each time you input the code.
  • nbman – Resets Jump Speed to Default.
  • nbwoohoo – Toggles Slow Motion Mode.

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